The effects of pollution on hair

Les effets de la pollution sur les cheveux

Back to school is here, and with it the return to town (or not, for the lucky ones). And we know it: pollution has direct effects on our health and our skin. But did you know that it also impacts our hair? Yes, they are real sponges. What are the effects of pollution on hair? And how to counter them? This is what we’re explaining to you today!

hair pollution effects madame presidente

What are the effects of pollution on hair?

The consequences on our hair of regular exposure to pollution are numerous. Moreover, according to the World Health Organization (no, that's not kidding), more than 90% of the world's population breathes polluted air... So there is a good chance that we are part of it. A quick zoom on its impacts.

An unbalanced scalp

Pollution has a negative impact on the balance and health of the scalp. Scientific research is unanimous: the hair fiber acts like a sponge. It absorbs and retains in its heart all the substances to which it is exposed daily. In our hair, and for several days (or even several weeks), we can find traces of substances that we have swallowed or breathed! It is therefore the same with the pollution and particles that surround us.

This is one of the effects of pollution on the hair: the scalp is disturbed and unbalanced. It has difficulty regulating itself correctly, which leads to the appearance of problems such as dandruff, excess sebum, etc. It does its best to fight against the irritation and inflammation that pollution can cause it, and the The result is rarely to our liking.

Dull and brittle hair

Another of the effects of pollution is to make hair duller, more fragile... And therefore more prone to breakage and drying out. Pollution molecules reduce the shine and luster of hair. How ? This dirt forms a thin layer around the hair fiber. This also has the effect of making the hair more porous , by moving the scales away from the hair fiber. Loss of keratin is then inevitable.

Accentuated hair loss

Pollution has direct effects on hair growth and loss. Indeed, it acts at different levels: increased oxidative stress, increased sensitization of the hair, weakening of the skin barrier, etc. These daily attacks weaken the scalp, which is no longer able to ensure the good health of the hair. Growth is therefore significantly slowed down. Worse still: hair loss is encouraged!

Hair that greases faster

To counteract scalp irritation caused by pollution, sebum secretion sometimes increases exponentially. Indeed, polluted air dries and attacks our skin and scalp. The latter therefore tends to grease much more quickly, because the sebum protects and nourishes it. Under the effect of pollution, hair becomes oilier, much more quickly.

hair pollution effects madame la presidente

An increase in dandruff: one of the effects of pollution on hair

Pollution particles suffocate our scalp, which is no longer able to ventilate properly. It therefore ends up drying out (as we have just said). The consequence, you know it: the appearance of dandruff ! The degeneration of cells causes them to fall off in small patches which form the dreaded hair dandruff.

Our tips for protecting hair from the effects of pollution

So, faced with this tidal wave of problems, how can we fight? How to protect our hair from pollution? Here are our best tips: get out the notebooks!

Make protective masks to counter the effects of pollution on hair

To protect hair from the effects of pollution, you can apply protective oils and specific masks in the morning, before leaving the house. In this way, you will help limit the attacks of pollution on the hair. Some masks can hydrate and nourish the hair fiber in addition to protecting it... And are almost invisible on certain types of hair (but we're not going to lie, straight hair and oil baths don't go well together with a aesthetic point of view)!

Wash your hair at a suitable pace

It is important to wash your hair at a suitable pace . This means: neither too often, nor not enough. Ideally, it is best to wash them 1 to 2 times a week maximum. In fact, shampooing too frequently will worsen the condition of the hair and accelerate its loss. We of course favor gentle shampoos, which will purify the hair fiber without further damaging it.

Besides washing, brushing is also very important. In fact, it is a regular (sometimes daily) action that is essential for healthy hair. It acts as a make-up remover for the hair fiber and helps eliminate some of the accumulated toxins every day. Gentle brushing helps to air out the hair and remove harmful pollution particles. It only has beneficial effects on hair health. Brush your hair every evening and use dry shampoo if you deem it necessary.

And finally, here are a few other little tips:

    • Cover your hair by wearing a hat, cap or any other head covering;

    • Adopt protective hairstyles, such as a bun or braid (but be careful, don’t tighten too much!).

hair pollution effects madame presidente

How to repair hair damaged by the effects of pollution?

Is your hair damaged by pollution and its condition is not improving despite your efforts to protect it? It's time to fix them!

Perform restorative treatments regularly

Hydration is one of the pillars of hair health. Bet everything on shampoos, conditioners and moisturizing masks, which will have the effect of repairing your hair and strengthening it. There are hundreds of products like these on the market... But nothing beats natural care to effectively repair your hair against the effects of pollution! We will come back to this in the DIYs at the end of this article: stay with us!

Cut your hair regularly

To prevent the harmful effects of pollution and combat the damage already caused, you can also organize regular visits to a hairdresser. At least the tips, go! Pollution makes hair brittle, dull, dry and damaged. A little well-placed scissor cut can remedy this if you don't have a particular length objective.

Our solutions to the effects of pollution on hair

As we explained a little above, pollution slows down hair growth and can encourage hair loss. To prevent and eliminate this problem, Madam President has designed several suitable treatments: the Resolution N°3 anti-hair loss serum and the Resolution N°4 Elixir Booster are among them! Their richness in Capillum fortis , our exclusive anti-hair loss formula, stimulates regrowth and transforms hair loss into a bad memory!

At the same time, you can also use our Resolution N°2 detox tea , which cleanses the hair fiber and purifies the scalp. It also helps fight dandruff naturally. Its benefits will be of great help to you in the face of the effects of pollution on your hair.

Carry out keratin treatments

Keratin is a protein that makes up around 95% of our hair fiber: that's no small thing. It gives hair strength, suppleness and shine. It is possible to use keratin-based treatments to give hair a well-deserved youthful treatment. Also, always opt for treatments made from natural ingredients to preserve the health of your hair and scalp!

DIYs to protect hair from the effects of pollution

How to care for and protect our hair from the effects of pollution? In addition to applying common treatments like classic shea butter masks, you can make the following recipes with a few easy-to-find ingredients.

Recipe for a repairing and hydrating mask to counter the effects of pollution on hair

This DIY recipe will allow you to repair the effects of pollution on your hair. Take out the bottle of rum! Yes: this evening, it is the West Indies who are coming to our aid.

    • a teaspoon of rum;

    • a teaspoon of olive oil.

Mix these two ingredients and massage this treatment in the evening on your damaged and dry hair. Rinse in the morning and shampoo as usual. Rum contains cane sugar which will nourish the hair. Olive oil also nourishes damaged hair. What you need to remember here is that cane contains iron and sucrose, two essential elements for the creation of keratin! This hair mask will therefore strengthen and nourish the dullest hair. And don't forget the jet of cold water to close the scales after rinsing the shampoo!

hair pollution effects madame presidente

A detoxifying hair mask for hair

Faced with the accumulation of toxins and pollution particles, it is possible to use a home treatment based on clay, rhassoul and macadamia oil. White clay acts deeply to cleanse the hair and rid it of unwanted molecules. For this DIY, you must obtain:

    • 75 grams of white clay powder (the recipe also works with pink clay);

    • 75 grams of rhassoul powder;

    • 20 centiliters of water at room temperature;

    • 3 tablespoons of macadamia oil.

Mix the rhassoul and the clay with the vegetable oil, then add the water until you obtain a paste with a fairly thick consistency. Then, apply this treatment to your hair, strand by strand. Also remember to massage your scalp gently. Let everything sit for around twenty minutes under cling film or a charlotte before rinsing thoroughly with clean water. An ideal mask to soothe your hair from the effects that pollution can have on it.

There you go, you know everything about the harmful effects of pollution on hair and the ways to counter these disadvantages. And to give all that a boost, we have the solution: go for our food supplements! Tablets , gummies , for men , for children , for pregnant and breastfeeding women : we have something for everyone! So, who takes the plunge? ?
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