La kératine pour les cheveux, quels effets ?

As-tu déjà rêvé d'avoir des cheveux soyeux et en pleine santé, comme ceux que l'on voit dans les publicités ? La kératine pourrait bien être la réponse à tes souhaits ca...

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Algues vertes, spiruline : bienfaits pour les cheveux

Les algues vertes, souvent méconnues du grand public, se révèlent être de véritables alliées pour la santé capillaire. Leur pouvoir nutritif exceptionnel, offre une solution naturelle pour r...


Eau de romarin pour la pousse des cheveux

L'eau de romarin, cette potion magique végétale, puise ses origines dans la cuisine mais peut aussi devenir une alliée incontournable dans le domaine des soins capillair...


Ingrédients cosmétiques à éviter pendant la grossesse

La grossesse est une période de la vie d'une femme marquée par de nombreux bouleversements, non seulement sur le plan physique, mais aussi sur le plan émotionnel. Parmi...


Les bienfaits des clous de girofle pour les cheveux

On commence avec un chiffre : 8. 8 personnes sur 10 ont constaté une amélioration significative de la qualité de leurs cheveux après avoir utilisé...le clou de girofle (Source DUMAS). Oui, depuis 2...


Glossaire cheveux

  Lorsqu'il s'agit de prendre soin de nos cheveux, le vocabulaire peut parfois sembler déroutant.🤔 Entre les traitements, les produits et les techniques, il est facile de se perdre dans l'univers d...


The Fall Hair Routine: What should you do?

Autumn is here! 🍁 And yes, the cocktails on the beach, the balmy summer evenings and the sunny days are over. Hello orange colors of fall, rain and cooling temperatures. With this change of season ...


Boost your hair in 3 months: The importance of a course of food supplements

Hello to all Presidents ❤️ here we go for a new article. You are always looking for solutions to take care of yourself, your body and your health, have you ever considered taking a course of food s...


Protein treatments?

When and why to use protein treatments Protein-based hair treatments have been on the rise in recent years. Thanks to their multiple advantages, these treatments are attracting more and more women...


The link between hair and religion

In many religions, the treatment of hair (and, by extension, hair) is essential. It is a way of maintaining order, creating standards and differentiating oneself from others. But then what is the l...


Cleanse and strengthen hair with detox tea

Have you dreamed of a tea that can do as much good for your hair as it does for your body? Madam President did it! Resolution N°2 is a detox tea which is taken as a 28-day treatment, with one cup...


5 good hair gestures before and after the beach

Ah summer! Even though this week the weather was rather gray, it is time to take advantage of the good weather to get some fresh air and recharge your batteries before the start of the school yea...


How to protect your hair from the heat in summer?

If we like to bask in the sun, at the beach or by the pool in summer, our hair tends to desperately cry out for help. And for good reason: this season is conducive to a lot of considerable damage t...


4 tips for preparing your hair before summer

4 tips for preparing your hair before summer Summer is officially here! And who says summer, sun , beach , sand , heat and... dry and damaged hair if you're not careful! So, here are the team's ...

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Why use a mask for your hair

Why use a hair mask? Today there are different types of masks; moisturizing mask , nourishing mask , protein mask , detoxifying mask ... It is a product that has been integrated into hair routine...


5 tips for all curls

As splendid as it is difficult to tame, your mane gives you a hard time to the point that you sometimes dream of having smooth, effortless hair! Whether they are slightly wavy, very c...


Enhance my curly, frizzy, frizzy hair

Enhance curly, frizzy, frizzy hair on a daily basis: a pleasure... And a headache! One morning, the texture of our hair is perfect, another, it is flat and dull... Even though we have given it the...


Nomad: Your essential kit for this summer??

A hair travel kit: A travel kit is the ultimate beauty ally all year round. This importance of “lightness” is essential when we are lucky enough to be able to go on vacation, to recharge our batt...