How to fight oily hair?

Comment lutter contre les cheveux gras ?

They repel us and make our lives impossible. The more you wash it, the more the problem intensifies... Oily hair is a nightmare! And this problem concerns more and more people. Rest assured, we have natural (and effective, of course) tips and solutions to offer you to combat oily hair!

Why is hair oily?

greasy hair madame presidente

Let's be clear once and for all: oily hair is not dirty! They are generally caused by a disruption of the sebaceous glands, and not by a lack of hygiene or too infrequent washing. The sebaceous glands sometimes produce too much sebum , which quickly causes hair to shine. So yes, sebum is essential for the balance of the scalp. However, it should not be present in excess at the risk of suffocating the scalp and giving this frankly unpleasant oily appearance.

There are several things to know about oily hair:

    • They are most often hereditary: it is a family problem;

    • They can be caused by a hormonal problem, an overproduction of male hormones;

    • Our diet can aggravate the problem, especially if it is fatty and sugary;

    • Obesity, constipation and liver problems can also cause this problem;

    • The sebaceous glands are sometimes panicked by stress, anxiety and emotional shock;

    • Too frequent washing, taking certain medications and atmospheric conditions (air conditioning, pollution, etc.) are also possible causes of the appearance of oily hair!

How to fight oily hair?

Certain actions adopted on a daily basis will help you fight against your oily hair and prevent it from getting greasy too quickly. Follow the leader !

Avoid too frequent washing washing fight oily hair madame la presidente

Washing too frequently only increases sebum production. We think we eliminate grease from hair by washing it daily... but in reality we only make the problem worse. It is not advisable to wash your hair every day if it does not need it. Obviously, if you go to the gym every day and sweat profusely, regular washing seems inevitable. You will then need to choose a suitable shampoo and wash as gently, quickly and delicately as possible.

To space out shampoos as much as possible without feeling like you're walking around with a fryer on your head, you can also make dry shampoos! This emergency solution gives a boost of freshness to the hair, while avoiding too regular shampooing. Certain natural products such as corn, rice or oat starch help absorb excess sebum from the scalp.

Fight against oily hair with a suitable shampoo

Many people only have one shampoo and use it daily. However, our hair is constantly balancing itself, just like our scalp. They can sometimes be oily, but also dry, or dull... In any case, it is a big mistake to use a shampoo for oily hair if your hair is dry, and vice versa. The ideal is to have natural shampoos adapted to different hair conditions, in order to occasionally use the one that is most relevant. If your hair is very oily, you will use a natural rhassoul shampoo. If they are dry, you will need to choose a formulation (always natural, of course!) which will be suitable for dry and damaged hair .

Use gentle, natural shampoos and treatments

Commercial shampoos, conditioners and other hair care products very often contain petrochemicals and ingredients that are not recommended for health. They give the impression of effectiveness in the moment, but, over time, they are more harmful than anything else. Always use natural formulations to wash your hair and combat oily hair. You can quickly and very easily make your own products or find natural products on the market. They must be favored and synthetic formulations banned.

Likewise, on oily hair, it is not necessary to use a lot of shampoo. Use very little and add water to make the solution foam. Avoid leaving the shampoo on for too long and remember to rinse your hair well.

fight against oily hair diet madame presidente Review the basics of your diet to fight against oily hair

As stated at the beginning of this article, diet plays a role on hormonal balance, and in particular on the production of sebum by the sebaceous glands. Reviewing the basics of your diet is a possible solution to combat oily hair. You should favor foods rich in vitamins A , B1, B2 and B6 , as well as manganese and copper. You can also turn to wheat germs, citrus fruits and yellow fruits, dried fruits, whole grains and legumes. These foods contribute to the balance of sebum production. And of course, reduce your consumption of fatty and sugary products! As for physical activity, it is always beneficial for hormonal regulation.

Conditioners and masks: never on the scalp!

Commercially sold conditioners and hair masks are only applied to the ends. They should never be applied to the scalp, as this risks increasing sebum production! If your shampoo is adapted to the nature of your hair, it is sufficient and will be the only product to apply delicately to your scalp before rinsing thoroughly.

How to prevent hair from getting greasy too quickly?

There are some very simple tips to implement to prevent hair from getting greasy too quickly:

    • Touch your hair as little as possible (hands off your legs!);

    • Avoid heat sources such as hair dryers or straighteners;

    • Avoid silicone-based products;

    • Do nutrient treatments regularly, with our food supplements for example? to provide your hair with the vitamins and minerals it needs;

    • Do not rub the scalp too vigorously when shampooing;

    • Perform a light massage before shampooing to activate microcirculation;

    • Adopt a hair routine adapted to the nature of your hair;

    • Also remember to regularly clean your hairdressing utensils: combs, brushes, etc.

    • Rinse your hair for at least two minutes after a mask, an oil bath or a shampoo.

Our DIY recipes to combat oily hair

And you know very well that at Madam President, we never leave you with words! Right away, let's take action: here are our few DIY recipes based on natural products known to combat oily hair.

A natural mask to balance the scalp

The gentle and natural products are perfectly suited to the scalp and respect its balance. They will also be very effective in eliminating excess sebum. For this recipe, we chose a sunny, Mediterranean product known for its effectiveness: rhassoul. This ingredient has been used for thousands of years to purify the scalp and restore normal sebum production. For this little DIY anti-oily hair, you will need to gather the following ingredients:

    • 3 to 4 tablespoons of rhassoul;

    • spring water or hydrosol (choice from: lemon, rosemary, geranium and lavender);

The dosage must be adapted according to the length of your hair. So, apply this solution as a mask or shampoo to eliminate excess sebum and rebalance the scalp. You can combine it with our Resolution N°2 detox tea (as a drink or as a rinse), which purifies the scalp and cleanses the hair: ideal against dandruff and oily hair.

rhossoul benefits oily hair madame presidente

A rinsing liquid with rebalancing spices to combat oily hair

Rosemary, thyme, cloves, Scots pine, meadowsweet... Choose shampoos and treatments that contain these plants, sources of softness and well-being. They have the ability to regulate excess sebum and fight against oily hair in addition to cleaning the scalp. If you want to use them to make your own treatments, start by boiling half a liter of water, and add two to three tablespoons of one or more of these spices and aromatic herbs. Leave to infuse for a good hour, then filter everything. Use the infused water to rinse your hair after shampooing. Simple, but terribly effective!

An oil bath to combat oily hair!

It may seem paradoxical, but sometimes you have to fight evil with evil. In this case, oil baths have never done anything harmful to hair, even the oiliest! On the contrary, certain vegetable oils will help you effectively get rid of your oily hair. You will obviously have to choose oils adapted to the nature of your hair and scalp. Here we recommend the delicious jojoba vegetable oil. You can also choose a hazelnut vegetable oil. Distribute the oil over your head by gently massaging the scalp. Leave it on for at least thirty minutes, several hours or even overnight (for more shine) before rinsing thoroughly with clean water.

There you go, you know everything about the solutions to solve the problem of oily hair! And you want to boost your hair even more, don’t hesitate! Go for the food supplements, which will reinforce all that: Resolution N°1 will restore strength and vitality to the hair, Hair boost will target growth and stop hair loss, Monsieur will be great for women's hair and beards, Mama is formulated for pregnant and breastfeeding women, and Little President for the hair and energy of children aged 4 and over! ?
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