Our history

You have decided to follow your own rules. U.S. too. You have decided to wear your commitments proudly. U.S. too. You have decided that your singularities are a strength. U.S. too.

For you, we decide to raise our voice, to dare, to innovate, to create. We decide to really respond to your problems and offer you natural, IN&OUT, targeted and above all effective routines.
We decide to make you stronger, peaceful, proud.

Welcome to our house.
Welcome to the Hair Game .
Meriem Khali-Malone

Meriem Khali-Malone

“Suffering from androgenetic alopecia and feeling uncomfortable with my curly hair, everything changed during a trip to the United States. There I meet and talk with women who are proud of their hair and experts in natural hair care.

With Madam President, I wanted to provide real help. Help for more beautiful, longer, stronger hair. It was with a friend, a doctor of pharmacy, that everything came to fruition: from the formulation of the brief to the launch of the first product in the range, Resolution n°1 , still today the most complete food supplement on the market . From now on, it is a range of IN & OUT products which is offered for all hair types ranging from dietary supplement to defining treatment.

I am often asked the question “Why Madam President”? Madam President, it is a position taken against the dictate that society imposes on us. We have the right to feel beautiful and represented, regardless of our hair texture, body shape or skin color. Beyond aesthetics, hair represents our identity , our culture, that transmitted by our elders. Taking care of them and cherishing them is a sign of acceptance and self-love.

Today, more than ever, we are all Presidents! »

Our expertise in 3 points:

cure compléments alimentaires Résolution N°1 Madame la Présidente

Clinically proven effectiveness

No false promises, real results!

Easy to use, our products are the subject of several years of research and development to offer you the most effective products IN and OUT.

Our clinical studies demonstrate the results of our products and address the most common hair problems: hair growth, hair loss, lack of volume, dry and brittle hair, irritation or itching.

More information...

masque Résolution n°6 madame la présidente

A natural, exclusive formulation made in France

A combination of highly concentrated active ingredients, our treatments bring together the best vitamins, minerals and plants to strengthen hair, stop hair loss and stimulate growth.

Ultra-natural, our formulations contain at least 95% ingredients of natural origin, without sulfates, without parabens, without silicones to respect the scalp.

To effectively address hair loss, we have developed an exclusive complex in the laboratory: Capillum Fortis . A combination of 3 ingredients (gingko biloba, kigelia, cinnamon) to stop hair loss, promote hair growth and gain density.

Specific treatments and formulas

We have been working for more than 5 years with the greatest experts in hair biology to offer treatments adapted to each type of hair.

Each year, our products, based on their success and effectiveness, are rewarded with numerous prizes:

Resolution n°1 : Beauty Victories 2020-2021 & Beauty Victories 2023-2024

Resolution No. 4 : Beauty Victories 2021-2022

Resolution No. 6 : Beauty Victories 2023-2024

Cosmétiquemag Awards : Hair Awards 2020 and 2021

Healthy, healthy, resilient hair for everyone!

A daily commitment

Madam President x The Women's House

The Maison des Femmes treats and supports women in difficulty or victims of violence.
Created in 2016 by Dr Ghada Hatem, it offers local multidisciplinary care to support women in their healing process.
It offers a complete care pathway, through four units: Sexual health and abortion, Female genital mutilation, Domestic, intra-family, sexual and gender-based violence.
Patients also benefit from social and legal support, psycho-corporal care, and multiple workshops to improve self-esteem.

Madam President is therefore proud to be able to support the association in its development.