Baldness: what are its causes

La calvitie : quelles sont ses causes

It was around the age of thirty that the tragedy took place. Hair loss ! What if this was the real transition from youth to adulthood? This fall is generally perceived as a loss of identity, but is it inevitable? Focus on the causes of the evil of the century: baldness.

Is baldness inevitable? Madam President gives you some answers

What is hair made of?

All men are not born equal. At least with regard to the number of hair follicles on the head, that is to say all the elements which constitute the hair. The follicle is made up of the bulb (the root), the erector muscle, the sebaceous gland and the shaft (visible part of the hair). On average, there are 1000 hair follicles per cm 2 on a newborn's head, compared to around 600 at 25 years old.

Beyond age, the number also depends on the pigmentation of the hair. Since we count around 110,000 hairs for brunettes compared to nearly 135,000 hairs for blondes.

The life cycle of hair

Three distinct phases make up the life cycle of hair. The anagen, or growth phase, whose duration varies depending on the region of the head, lasts between four and seven years. As for hair, it grows approximately 0.35 mm per day.

Then comes catagen or the regression phase. A three-week transition period, during which the hair dies after the bulb has hardened.

Then comes the loss of hair, which is dislodged by the next hair that will succeed it during the growth phase which begins again. The circle is complete !

A hair follicle can perform around thirty cycles on average, and even more in some individuals. Don't panic, it is completely normal to lose around forty hairs every day. Additionally, this number increases on shampoo days.

But what happens when this number increases drastically?

Is baldness inevitable? Madam President gives you some answers

Alopecia or baldness?

The term alopecia is increasingly common in everyday language. In its common form, this disease caused by stress, tobacco and our new lifestyles, today affects men and women without distinction. But unlike baldness, which has other causes, alopecia, whether total or partial, leaves some hope of hair regrowth.

In male cases, the later the fall, the less widespread it will be. Male hormones play their part in hair loss. Indeed, activated by an enzyme, they stimulate the sebaceous glands and the hair follicle. This reaction explains the acceleration of the growth cycle, which results in the exhaustion of the follicle, which will eventually no longer renew itself, the determined number of cycles being reached more quickly.

How come the crown is so easily spared? Because this area just isn't as sensitive to hormones. In addition, the life cycle of this area is much slower, lasting around seven years.

Is baldness inevitable? Madam President gives you some answers

What are the causes of baldness?

The level of male hormone in the body is specific to each person and is partly hereditary. If your father is bald, you have a 50% chance of being bald as well.

In addition to this phenomenon, there is a link between stress and baldness. Stress, emotional and physical shocks lead to a sudden increase in male hormones which weaken the bulb and make it more susceptible to baldness.

Can we repair a weakened bulb? The answer is yes ! On the other hand, it cannot be recreated if it has disappeared. Food supplements may be a first positive response. In particular Monsieur gummies , food supplements Made in France and vegan. Concentrated in 8 nutrients, they allow you to obtain stronger and more resistant hair, as well as a silkier beard by promoting denser and more homogeneous growth.

Ready to take the plunge?

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