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What are the hair trends for this 2020 school year?

Quelles sont les tendances cheveux de cette rentrée 2020 ?
It's back to school! After nine very hectic months , finding your way back to class or the office is almost good news. But after months in pajamas and a sunny summer without wearing too much, how to style your hair... Fortunately, Madam President offers you five trendy, very simple hairstyles/cuts that will have an effect. Follow the leader !

Hair trends recommended by Madam President for the 2020 school year


We start with the unmistakable ponytail! Timeless, all you need is a minimum length and an elastic band. It works on all hair types. Whether it is high for a romantic effect, or low in its sophisticated version. The ponytail lets a pretty face breathe. Perfect when returning from vacation to reveal a tanned complexion . This is THE hairstyle to highlight a beautiful neck. As for “curly hair”, there’s nothing like a ponytail on the top of the head, to kill two birds with one stone and highlight your face and your curls. In addition, this hairstyle can easily be accessorized. From maxi pearl barrettes, to satin scarves and the scrunchie which is making a comeback, vintage accessories are preferred.

For those who don't like to completely reveal their face, a few well-placed stray locks surround the face and that's it. The velvet headband is also very popular this fall (hello Blair Waldorf), and adds a real couture asset.

Hair trends recommended by Madam President for the 2020 school year

The square cut

It's Anna Wintour's signature, a timeless cut, it's of course the square. More and more worn by tops like Kaia Gerber, Bella Hadid and Taylor Hill very recently, no longer a scroll without coming across this cut on social networks. Contrary to what one might believe, this cut still requires a stylistic effort. The short back-to-school bob is worn slightly crumpled, like when you get out of bed, but expertly crafted. The trend is for worked naturalness, as for nude makeup.

The perfect intermediate between XXL lengths and the very short cut, for a modern and resolutely feminine side.

Hair trends recommended by Madam President for the 2020 school year

The rounded afro

Short cuts are definitely on the rise! If you have a suitable hair type, now is the time to embrace your hair. Naturalness is in the spotlight for this back-to-school season. A few scissors at the hairdresser will be enough to give your afro a seventies look. This hairstyle perfectly surrounds the face and frees the neck. Obviously this cut requires a lot of maintenance, which is a must for frizzy hair. Then to maintain a perfect rounded afro. For the more adventurous among you, you can do the alterations yourself. For others, an appointment with a professional will always be safe.

Hair trends recommended by Madam President for the 2020 school year


This fall, the braid is omnipresent. It is the most elaborate hairstyle in this ranking, the trend of which continues to evolve. Classic in schoolgirl version or elaborate constructed with several ears, up to eight for the most skilled. On the networks, it's impossible to miss maxi braids, even if it means investing in extensions. It's also difficult to avoid braided braids. Despite Kim Kardashian being singled out six years ago for cultural appropriation, this hairstyle is still present in the media landscape. The braid adapts to all styles. For a bohemian side when it surrounds the face, a couture spirit when it is worn on the top of the head, more modern when it is worn or classic like Lara Croft. Recently Sharon Tate mini braids were seen on the red carpets. There is something for every taste.

Hair trends recommended by Madam President for the 2020 school year

XXL lengths

The exact opposite of short cuts, long hair remains an eternal must-have. After all, no Disney princess has yet allowed herself to go short. But in the current of naturalness the hair is no longer frozen! The lengths are worn crumpled, curly, wavy or even frizzy. In short, no more heating appliances, your hair must breathe vitality.

Long worn only by those under 35, this hairstyle is winning over more and more accomplished women. So certainly, who says dream lengths says maintenance, and from the roots to the tips. To make things easier for you, Madam President is here . Improving hair and accelerating its growth is our specialty!

So ready to try one of these trends without tearing your hair out? Let us know which one you would like to turn to in the comments!
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