4 reasons to take Resolution No. 1

4 raisons de prendre Résolution N°1
To launch Madame La Présidente in 2017, the founder decided to offer a unique food supplement on the cosmetics market: Resolution No. 1 . Now the brand's flagship product, this tablet has proven its effectiveness on all types of hair, skin and nails. Focus on our bestseller.

taking food supplements Resolution No. 1 from Madam President allows you to nourish your hair and strengthen it

    • Nourish from the inside

It is to group B vitamins that Resolution N°1 owes its success. B1, B2, B3, B6, B8, B9, B12 combined together, they strengthen the hair fiber, promoting its growth and elasticity.

The Resolution N°1 formula also contains marine collagen, a protein which ensures the resistance of tissues, tendons and cartilage. This active ingredient therefore fights against the effects of aging such as wrinkles or fine lines, and ensures joint comfort by preventing the associated pain. Its action is reinforced by the presence of vitamin C.

It is also to vitamin C that Resolution N°1 owes part of its action on the nails. This vitamin strengthens them from the matrix and ensures their growth. Small bonus it will give you a healthy glow.

taking food supplements Madam President allows women to have nourished and stronger hair

    • Strengthen the hair fiber

Vitamin B9 helps repair scalp cells to strengthen the proper anchoring of the hair bulb. As for B7, it participates in the formation of melanin which influences the texture, pigmentation and shape of the hair. Then comes vitamin B6 which synthesizes keratin, the raw material of our hair, which directly strengthens its fiber.

In the composition of Resolution N°1, plants are not left out. The presence of nettle provides minerals and vitamins to the hair, allowing it to strengthen. But this Urticaceae also has anti-hair loss and toning properties for the scalp. A real hair beautifier.

taking food supplements with nettle Madam President helps reduce hair loss and strengthen it

    • Fight alopecia

Whether due to stress, hormones, heredity or chemotherapy, has taken an important place in the purchasing motivation of nutricosmetic consumers. This autoimmune disease is characterized by hair loss . It mainly appears in men in the form of baldness. In women, we speak of androgenetic alopecia. It is observed by the thinning of the hair, and the progressive loss of hair or body hair in certain areas. Several vitamins and minerals can help stop this pathology, such as vitamin C which has antiviral properties. It helps to regenerate the dermal film and fight against bacteria present on the scalp.

The presence of horsetail in the composition of Resolution N°1, a plant that is easily seen in France, helps to fight against hair loss.

    • Dosage

The main argument of nutricosmetics is the simplification of hair and beauty routines. In addition, by ingesting a tablet or capsule, a medical dimension is established and increases the feeling of confidence in the product. As for supplements in the form of gum, their proximity to confectionery is the perfect alternative for people who have difficulty swallowing. In this same vein, Madam President wanted the most pleasant use possible: one tablet per day is enough. Preferably close to a snack so that the assimilation of minerals and vitamins is as complete as possible. The secret to a cure that works lies in its regularity. In this sense, for optimal results, Madam President advises carrying out cures of at least three months .

taking food supplements Madam President allows men to have silky hair and beards

To find out more about Resolution N°1 and its composition follow the link right here .

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