Make your own fragrance-free after-sun milk

Faire son propre lait après-soleil sans parfum
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Why use after-sun milk? It soothes skin heated by the sun, repairs, hydrates, enhances, and makes the tan last longer. Zoom in on our best summer ally!

What is after sun milk used for?

Awareness of the bad effects of the sun on the skin really began in the 2010s. Until then, fashion was for ultra-dark tans, or even orange, synonymous with vacations in hot countries, relaxation and a good life. … In 2020, no more UV cabins, and hello to high solar index sunscreens. We protect ourselves from the sun, especially after months of confinement. Our skin is no longer used to UV rays. Wearing sunscreen is essential, but it doesn't hydrate. In addition, the sun's rays continue to have effects, even after exposure and especially after a sunburn.

This is where after-sun milk comes in! By hydrating the skin, it improves its elasticity and slows down the aging of the epidermis. That's not all, it makes the tan last longer. How ? By activating the regeneration of skin barrier cells, which can rebuild themselves. Your skin will be soothed thanks to a targeted formulation. There are different textures and for various problems: special sunburn, glitter, skin allergic to the sun, face…

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Recipe for an effective after-sun milk

You will need:⁠

        • Aloe vera gel⁠: to moisturize and soothe

        • Carrot oil: rich in provitamin A, perfect for a healthy glow

        • Sweet almond oil: to nourish and soften

Half fill a clean bottle with aloe vera gel.⁠

Then pour equal amounts of carrot oil and sweet almond oil into the other half of the container.

Mix and it's ready!⁠

After each exposure, you can apply this little miracle to the body.

“Carrots make you look good”

In fact, why is carrot so linked to effects on the epidermis? The carrot is rich in beta-carotene , an orange-colored plant pigment very present in our food. It is also called provitamin A, in other words it is a stimulant of the active form of vitamin A, which is antioxidant. Beta-carotene is therefore an excellent barrier for cells against free radicals. And of course carrot oil influences the melanin contained in the skin. The organic agent responsible for natural skin tone and tanning!

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The benefits of sweet almond oil

Rich in omega 9, vitamins A and E, sweet almond oil soothes, protects and nourishes. It can be used for your baby's skin as well as your hair. The list of its benefits is endless: emollient, healing, nourishing, restructuring... Even if it is quite rare to consume it orally, from a nutritional point of view, sweet almond oil also has many qualities : laxative, deworming, anti-inflammatory digestive… At the rate of only one teaspoon per day.

You already know more about this summer must-have and its ingredients!

Madam President awaits your feedback on this recipe! Don't hesitate to tell us if you've added any improvements, we love the new tips!

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