How to choose the right hair routine?

Comment bien choisir sa routine capillaire ?
To build a hair routine , you must first know your hair type. Did you know, for example, that you could have several textures? Selecting the right products for your hair is not easy girl!

Don't worry, we explain to you how to determine your hair type and how to choose your hair routine according to your type?.

Once you have found the routine that works (and when I say routine, I include both the products but especially the techniques that go with it) you will have won everything! So if you want to find out how to choose the right hair routine, see below.

The different factors for building your hair routine

How to recognize your hair type?

Straight hair routines, wavy hair, curly hair, frizzy hair, frizzy hair , you may not know it but there is a real classification to determine each type of hair.

The best-known method was popularized by André Walker, an American hairdresser who imagined 4 categories of hair. This method takes into account 3 criteria: hair texture, thickness and shape of the hair.

Each number, from 1 to 4, identifies the type of hair (straight, wavy, curly, curly/kinky), while the letter, from A to C, designates the degree of waviness of the hair fiber.

To determine your hair type, gently remove a hair from your soft scalp and place it on a sheet of white paper so that you can perfectly determine its shape. The classification is divided into categories, then into subcategories.

Hair type categories:

    • Type 1: your hair is straight, smooth, without the slightest wave.

    • Type 2: your hair is wavy but not curly

    • Type 3: your hair is curly.

    • Type 4: Your hair is frizzy.

Hair type subcategories:

    • 1A: your hair is smooth and very fine.

    • 1B: your hair is smooth and moderately thick.

    • 1C: your hair is smooth and thick.

    • 2A: your hair is wavy, of medium thickness and prone to frizz in humidity.

    • 2B: your hair is very wavy, thick and very prone to frizz.

    • 3A: your hair is curly with large loose curls.

    • 3B: your hair is curly with rather tight curls.

    • 4A: your hair is frizzy, your curls are tight and form a Z.

    • 4B: your hair is frizzy and your Z curls are extremely tight.

In the photo, this is what it looks like:


Your hair type can change over the course of your life. Certain periods are more conducive to changing your hair type. One of the best known is that of pregnancy and postpartum, a subject already discussed together in a last article and available here: Pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding: how to take care of your hair? )

So there are “moments of life” but also a bit of history...

Legend has it that we change our hair type every 7 years. True or false, everyone has their own opinion on the matter. However, 7 years is the average lifespan of a hair. When recreating itself, its nature is not systematically the same. A lack of hydration, a lower quantity of sebum produced, a lack of iron...all these factors have an impact on the nature of your hair.

The different factors for building your hair routine:

As we said in the introduction, building your hair routine is a journey that will not be accomplished by snapping your fingers.

The first step to building a solid hair routine is the analysis of different factors such as:

    • Your hair type (straight, wavy, curly, frizzy, frizzy...)

    • Hair length (shaved, short, mid-length, long)

    • The problems you may encounter (brittle hair, sensitive scalp, itching, dry scalp, damaged hair, dry hair, colored hair, etc.)

    • The density of your hair, elasticity and porosity are factors to also take into account to know which types of products to choose but also how they will react to the products.

    • Your environment (humid, hot, cold climate, etc.)

    • Your activities (do you do sports? If so, how many times a week?)

The routine of someone with relaxed hair will not be the same as someone with natural hair or someone with colored hair. And just like a person with straight hair, the hair routine will not be the same as a person with frizzy hair.

Once you have analyzed these different factors, you can start to look at the different steps to have a good hair routine.

The different stages of a hair routine:

A good hair routine is made up of 4 key and essential steps to ensure that your hair will be in great shape and good health.

Step 1: wash with shampoo

As we have already mentioned in our article on " How to wash your hair correctly ", shampoo allows you to clean your scalp and your lengths in order to remove the "build up" or the accumulation of products on your hair but also the accumulation of sebum. This is a key step that should not be neglected in order to find fresh, healthy hair that is less weighed down by environmental hazards.

But be careful, washing your hair every day is not recommended because it risks drying out your hair and removing the sebum that flows onto your hair fiber and nourishes it.

Choose shampoos without sulfates, without silicones, without parabens, etc. And which will respond to your hair problems. Whether you have dry hair or dandruff, there is a shampoo for every problem.

At Madam President, find our strengthening and anti-hair loss shampoo: Resolution No. 5 My Strengthening and Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo. It is enriched with our Capillum Fortis complex composed of cinnamon, ginko biloba and kigelia. Product made in France and with 95% ingredients of natural origin. But don't worry, hair loss is completely normal for everyone! In fact, we lose on average 30 to 150 hairs per day.

Step 2: detangle with conditioner

Conditioning it, also called detangling, allows you to detangle your hair and remove accumulated knots. The latter can also be used as a co-wash when you want to space out shampoos.

Step 3: Moisturize and nourish a mask

Whatever your hair type or problem, this step is crucial and should not be neglected. The purpose of applying a mask in your hair routine is to nourish, hydrate and act in depth on your hair fiber to repair, provide nutrients and hydration to the hair. If you want to know the difference between hydration and nutrition, go to our article: Hydration vs nutrition.

Just like shampoo, you will be able to find masks for all the problems you may encounter. Depending on the mask chosen, it can be used during all your routines or on the contrary once a month as can be the case with protein hair treatments .

At Madam President, find a multi-action mask. Resolution N°6 My Nutri-active Mask, strengthens the hair fiber, hydrates and nourishes your hair. Just like our shampoo, it is enriched with our exclusive Capillum Fortis complex (based on cinnamon, ginko biloba and kigelia) and is Made in France. Formulated from 97.6% ingredients of natural origin and winner of the Victoires de la Beauté 2022-2023, it is the SOS treatment for hair in distress.

Step 4: Treat and repair with Leave-in / hair milk / styling cream

The hydration step is the key to facilitating the maintenance of your hair but also determining how it will react throughout the days until your next #washday . The more hydrated your hair is, the less prone it will be to knots, it will have a protective barrier to resist environmental hazards.

We advise you to use our leave-in: Resolution No. 7 My leave-in treatment – ​​LEAVE-IN. Rated excellent on Yuka, our leave-in is a treatment with moisturizing and strengthening properties. Enriched with Capillum Fortis and composed of 98.7% ingredients of natural origin, our treatment will be the last gesture in your hair beauty routine. Vegan and made in France, love it!

Here are the 4 key steps of your hair routine . From this you can add other steps like prepoo for example. It's up to you to see what your hair really needs but also how much time you can give it. If you encounter other difficulties such as hair loss, we advise you to use a serum called RESOLUTION N°3-My Anti-Hair Loss Serum. Rich in Capillum Fortis, our exclusive complex based on cinnamon, ginko biloba and kigelia, this serum will bring strength and density to your hair. Always Made in France and composed of 97% ingredients of natural origin, it will give you volume and density, slow down hair loss and anchor the hair bulb in the scalp.

For localized use, complete your anti-hair loss routine with our roll-on. It accelerates hair growth in thinning areas. Elixir Booster RESOLUTION N°4, which won the Victoires de la Beauté 2021-2022, is the treatment for the regrowth of baby hair. It can also be used for eyebrow regrowth. A roll made in France, vegan, hyper natural and double function!

As you already know from Madam President, every type of hair is BEAUTIFUL! This is why we strive to always treat our community with top-notch routines! So if you want to try all the steps mentioned above, good news!

From May 31 until June 6 you can benefit from an exceptional price of -25% on your complete routine! Isn't that a crazy offer ? ?

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For curly to frizzy hair, find our Resolution N°5 shampoo specially formulated for curly to frizzy hair! But that's not all, it was also designed to stop the fall. In this routine you will also find our Resolution No. 6 mask to gently strengthen and nourish your hair! And finally you can also benefit from our favorite product, My curl definer for soft, bouncy, shiny curls without a cardboard effect!

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No problem, our offer also works for your hair type! You can take care of your mane with our Resolution N°5 Curly Hair shampoo specially formulated for your hair type! Most ? As with the nappy routine, you can also try our Resolution N°6 mask My Nutri-Active Mask and our little favorite My Curl Definer.

Are you in the smooth team? 〰️Benefit from a complete routine for €56.16 instead of €74.79!

And yes, let's not forget straight hair which needs love and care just as much as other types of hair! In this routine, you will find our Resolution No. 5 Shampoo specially formulated for straight to wavy hair, as well as our Resolution No. 6 Nutri-Active Mask. Finally, you can also find a sachet of Resolution N°2 My Hair Detox Tea to cleanse your scalp, stop itching, dandruff and other small annoyances! Pssst summer is coming you can even drink it as iced tea by a swimming pool in Punta Cana or Honfleur! Do you want even more? Never mind, find all of our DIYs with our tea on our Instagram page. Whether it's oily macerate, rinsing water or even homemade ice cream, you'll definitely find what you're looking for in our tutorials!

So what are you waiting for to go get your fabulous routine? ✨

The different stages of a good hair routine

What are the different accessories to have in your hair routine?

Having hands to take care of your hair is good, but having accessories to help you maintain your hair is better! Here is our list of essential accessories to have in your bathroom:

    • The satin scrunchie to avoid tangles and frizz

    • The satin pillow to protect your hair from friction at night and maintain hydration in the hair fiber.

    • The massage brush that allows you to perform massages during your shampoo and/or mask. It activates blood circulation

    • The detangling brush suited to your hair type

    • The spray that will allow you to rehydrate your hair during the week, and/or refresh your curls when styling. Ps: the little tip you can also moisten your hair to make styling easier.

4 tips to perfect your hair routine:

Because we always need more advice to have a perfect hair routine, here are our few tips not to neglect:

    • Trim its ends as soon as they need it.

We know how difficult it is to bring yourself to cut your hair even if it's only 5mm. But we assure you, to have healthy hair, there is nothing like healthy ends!

    • Prefer lukewarm or even cold water over hot water

In some cases, it is necessary to use hot water to open your cuticles and allow the products you are going to apply to penetrate the hair fiber. It is essential not to confuse lukewarm water and hot water. Water that is too hot will damage your hair fiber and cause damage as if you had used heating appliances. Cold water is an important step at the end of your wash/treatment to close the cuticles. This will help maintain hydration and give your hair a shiny effect.

    • Limit the use of heating appliances

Whether for straightening or even drying your curly hair, we recommend limiting the use of heat on your hair as much as possible. If this is impossible for you, then don't forget to incorporate a thermo-protective treatment into your hair routine .

    • Nourish your scalp

The scalp has a big impact on how your hair grows and how it looks. Don't forget to use a serum or oil that you apply to your scalp. Perform massages that will activate blood circulation.

Follow a course of food supplements for more beautiful, longer, stronger hair:

In tablet or hair candy form, you will give your hair a real boost!

For global action, our best-seller, RESOLUTION N°1 Growth and volume is the hair loss food supplement you need. Winner of the Victoires de la Beauté 2022-2023, 18 vitamins, minerals and plants in a tablet smaller than a doliprane... For more beautiful, longer, stronger hair.

To gain length and density, opt for our hair gummies. Hairboost are delicious hair candies with a strawberry/raspberry flavor. A combination of vitamins to activate growth more quickly, help the vitality of the hair and strengthen the hair fiber. Rich in biotin, zinc, iron and arugula, our exclusive formula is vegan, Made in France and without artificial colors!

For optimal results, we recommend that you take a treatment of at least 3 months. It's like sport, it's not after a session that we achieve our goals!

Madam President also offers food supplements for men's hair, food supplements for pregnant and lactating women, and food supplements for children. So we take care of all our loved ones and we launch the challenge for who will have the healthiest hair! Find the entire Madame La Présidente hair range right here.

Last beauty gesture to adopt, our tea for a detoxifying and revitalizing moment. Composed of a blend of green tea and plants. It provides soothing, cleansing and anti-hair loss effects. This is the first tea in the world to take from your hair, RESOLUTION N°2 My Organic Hair Detox Tea. The luck with this tea is that you can also use it in your favorite DIYs as in an oily macerate. The recipe is also here:

So what are the steps you are going to adopt in your routine? Tell us in comments!?

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