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How to wash your hair and choose your shampoo?

If you don't know how to choose the best shampoo for your hair type, read on. Choosing the right shampoo is like everything else: a little knowledge, some trial and error and that's it!

Why use a shampoo in your hair routine?

Shampoo is a product that you can find in liquid, solid, creamy texture or even powder form and which aims to clean you and wash your hair . More precisely your scalp by removing residue or sebum accumulated there. A shampoo is generally formulated with ingredients called surfactants which will clean the hair. You can find clarifying shampoos , co-washes , gentle shampoos , moisturizing shampoos or even anti-dandruff shampoos and many others.

Wash your hair properly with shampoo Madam President

Identify the need(s) of your scalp and hair texture

The first step to finding the shampoo that's best for you is to identify your hair type and scalp needs.

If your scalp is sensitive after washing and you notice dry flakes on your scalp and hair, you probably have a dry scalp . If your hair feels rough to the touch and looks dehydrated , it's also dry. In this case, a more hydrating and nutrient-rich shampoo is necessary. If your scalp secretes a lot of sebum, you probably have an oily scalp . And if you've colored your hair, it's important that you use hair care products to protect the color, ensure its longevity and nourish your hair at the same time.

Choose the right shampoo according to your scalp

Once you have identified your scalp characteristics and hair type, finding the right shampoo is child's play. To help you narrow down your choices, here are some simple tips that you can adopt depending on your hair type.

For dry hair

For hair and scalp that need extra hydration and nutrition, we recommend using shampoos containing glycerin , which attracts moisture while you wash your hair and fixes it. Also opt for products containing vitamins and minerals for hair.

For oily hair

For those who have an oily scalp, it is advisable to wash your hair with a mild shampoo. You can opt for an energizing shampoo which is very effective for healthy and healthy hair every day.

For normal hair

If you have normal, healthy hair and you wash it every day, it is recommended to use a shampoo that gently cares for your hair while cleansing and hydrating it. Gradually try to reduce the number of washes per week to avoid damaging your hair and removing too much sebum, which is necessary for good hair health.

Little tip: Mix your shampoo with tea tree oil , this will help your scalp retain moisture and defend against dryness. This mixture helps, among other things, to cleanse your scalp and will provide freshness.

For damaged hair

If you have damaged hair, you can choose a keratin- based shampoo, for example, which rebuilds the hair deep within the fiber, reviving each strand after color, pre-lightening or heat treatment. This type of shampoo makes hair easier to comb and smoother to the touch, while protecting it from external aggressions.

For colored hair

If you are looking to highlight your colored hair, consider choosing a special shampoo for colored hair. It nourishes color with a specially formulated sulfate-free cleansing system that gently removes residue and buildup without stripping hair of its natural oils.

Strengthening and anti-hair loss shampoo Madam President

How to wash your hair properly?

Now you know how to choose the ideal shampoo based on your hair type.

There are a few simple steps to follow to optimize scalp cleansing and reap all the benefits.

Find the right formula for your needs

Not all shampoos are created equal, and they are not formulated for all hair types. Choose a shampoo that will respond to the current problem of your scalp: for example, to protect color, regulate sebum production, add volume, soothe an irritated scalp, strengthen or even with an anti-hair loss property.

My strengthening and anti-hair loss shampoo Resolution n°5

At Madame la Presidente, we have developed our first Resolution No. 5 shampoo - My Fortifying and Moisturizing Shampoo . It is designed based on our complex; Capillum Fortis which is mainly composed of cinnamon (promotes growth and opens the hair bulb), ginkgo biloba (stimulates the scalp) and kigelia (tonic, soothing and repairing). It is made up of 95% ingredients of natural origin and is broken down into 3 personalized formulas :

Distribute your shampoo on your scalp

It is important to distribute the shampoo over your scalp and not along its lengths. The foam generated by your shampoo will flow itself down your lengths. Leave your shampoo on for 1 to 2 minutes so that the active ingredients can penetrate your scalp, then rinse. The second shampoo will usually lather but if you don't feel the need to do a second, there's no problem with that.

Use a protein, nourishing or hydrating mask

To be applied to the lengths and ends, the mask will allow you to rehydrate your hair, nourish it and provide the nutrients your hair needs. Some masks also allow you to detangle your hair, a very practical 2 in 1 to limit the number of products in the shower.

Don't overclean your hair

We know that for some people this can be complicated but it is important to limit the number of washes per week. Overuse of cleansing products can dehydrate hair, making it dry and prone to frizz, and accelerating color fading, for example.
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