What is alopecia?

Hair loss and alopecia: what are the causes of this problem and how to treat it? Hair loss, hole in the scalp, so many inconveniences that can interfere with our daily lives. In the following, we...


5 tips to beat the cold

Take out the hats, scarves and coats, the cold is here! When the temperatures continue to plummet, we turn up the heating to high and make ourselves a piping hot tea, but fighting the co...


Hair hydration vs. nutrition: what’s the difference?

Good year ! Happy New Year! Yes, it was already last week that we celebrated the transition to this new year with family, with friends or alone. Many of you thanked us for our advice on hairstyles ...


Once, twice, three times: How often should you wash your hair?

We all know that we should wash our hair regularly, but the question is how often should we wash our hair and why? Some will tell you every day, others every week or others every 2/3 days. In the e...


The importance of diet to have beautiful hair

This week, let's stay on the theme of well-being and talk about nutrition . It is of course important for taking care of our health, but also has visible effects on our hair and our body. We all kn...


Challenge your guy to shoot during the World Cup

Does your man watch football? Does he take care of his beard, his hair and think of you? Lucky girl! What ? Are you also as passionate about football as him? Well, you found yourself quite well! B...


5 hair commandments that I wish I knew before

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How to choose the right hair routine?

To build a hair routine , you must first know your hair type. Did you know, for example, that you could have several textures? Selecting the right products for your hair is not easy girl! Don't wor...


The Madam President Anti-Hair Loss range is expanding

You asked us for them so much that we couldn't turn a deaf ear! Today and because Madam President is growing alongside you, we have decided to expand the anti-hair loss range. We are theref...


The benefits of cinnamon for hair

The benefits of Cinnamon for hair Cinnamon is famous for its spicy, sweet, woody flavor and aroma. In addition to this, it is also one of the ingredients put forward to optimize hair growth . S...


Hibiscus powder and its benefits for hair

Hibiscus powder and its benefits on hair Do you know that hibiscus flowers are good for hair? Used in the cosmetics industry for thousands of years, this plant with its bright, shimmering colors ...


How to boost hair growth?

Have you always dreamed of having a dream mane like Rapunzel's, thick and long hair, but when the months go by you always find yourself with the same result? Indeed, growing your hair is no easy fe...


3 ways to stretch your hair without heat

Textured hair, naturally frizzy or curly, tends to shrink when styling products are applied to it. It is said that they shrink (shrinkage is a sign of good health for your hair, Presidents!). Howev...


Pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding: how to take care of your hair?

Hormones disrupt many of our mechanisms, and they can also influence hair health. During pregnancy, following childbirth and during breastfeeding, hair suffers the consequences of hormonal drops an...


5 Fall Foods for Healthy Hair

Autumn is here, and brings with it seasonal hair loss ... But if the sweet and colorful fruits of summer have left us for the moment, new options are available to us to pamper our hair through foo...


What foods to choose in summer to have beautiful hair?

Summer is the perfect season to enjoy good fruits and vegetables. Full of vitamins and minerals, it's the perfect fuel for your body. Their beauty virtues are also endless, whether to taste, in th...


Nutricosmetics: being beautiful from the inside

At the crossroads of cosmetics and food supplements, today's beauty products are ingested like delicacies, for indisputable results. Focus on new generation cosmetics. In 2020, we no longer say “l...


Do hair gummies accelerate growth?

Hair gummies: what miracle ingredients do they contain? Hair gummies are small fruity candies , containing vitamins, minerals and plants to enhance hair. When you live a fast-paced life, it be...