Our resolution

A new start for your hair

Résolution N°1 is the hair vitamines which sublimates hair, nails
and skin and nourishes them from inside. It helps your hair to grow faster
and give them health, vitality and density.


carbonate de calcium bénéfique sur la beauté des cheveux ongles et peau

Calcium carbonate

la prêle est exceptionnelle pour renforcer les ongles les cheveux


levure de bière pour une peau éclatante et des ongles et cheveux fortifiés

Selenium yeast

MSM pour une peau éclatante et des ongles et cheveux fortifiés


Collagène Marin pour la santé de la peau des cheveux et des ongles

Marine collagen

L’ortie pour les cheveux et les ongles


Vitamine a pour cheveux et ongles

Vitamin A

Vitamine b cheveux ongles

Vitamin B

Vitamine c pour cheveux et ongles

Vitamin C

Vitamine D pour cheveux

Vitamin D


It is recommended to take Résolution N°1 as a 3 month treatment minimum, as one tablet per day, to renew according your desires.

Its formulation helps to remedy these weaknesses caused by a normal diet and gives your body all the necessary nutriments to fight effectively against hair loss, to stimulate them and to sustain hair growth.

To be consumed as part of a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed recommended dose. To store out of reach of children. To store with its packaging, protected from light, heat and moisture. In case of doubt, health problem or if you are pregnant consult a doctor.

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Find the soft, silky and thick hair that you dream of.