How to nourish and moisturize your hair?

Your hair needs both nourishing and hydrating care to be healthy. Madame la Presidente treatments meet the specific needs of your dry, brittle and damaged hair. They provide hydration and nutrition for softer, silkier and above all stronger hair.

Understand the difference: Nourish vs. Hydrate

It is necessary to understand the difference between moisturizing and nourishing to adapt your hair routine. Hydration is providing water and nutrition is providing nutrients like a fatty substance. 

Definition of hair hydration

Moisturizing involves rehydrating the hair and scalp by essentially locking in moisture to prevent the hair from drying out.

Hair hydration for dry hair involves the use of moisturizers that protect the hair fiber. They contain humectant ingredients that maintain a suitable level of moisture in the hair. They become softer, shinier, more radiant and less prone to frizz.

Dry, brittle, curly and frizzy hair often has difficulty retaining moisture naturally. Hydration is the key to having healthy and strong hair! You should also avoid anything that can dry out the hair fiber, space out shampoos, avoid aggressive products, etc.

Definition of hair nutrition

Hair nutrition involves providing the essential nutrients it needs to stay healthy. This means applying nourishing treatments that contain proteins and vitamins, not minerals. The ingredients used in hair care products contain, for example, oils, keratin proteins, biotin, etc. They will strengthen the structure of the hair fiber, repair damage, regenerate hair and even promote its growth.

Your dry and weakened hair needs deep nutrition to restore shine and repair it. We advise you to limit anything that can weaken the hair, coloring, overly aggressive brushing, hairstyles that are too tight, etc.

Importance of balancing nutrition and hydration

Balancing hair nutrition and hydration is essential for healthy hair. With a good balance and regular care, your hair routine will be more effective and your hair will be beautified! 

Moisturizing and nourishing hair contributes to:

  • Prevent damage such as breakage, split ends
  • Strengthen the hair cuticle
  • Promote growth
  • Nourish hair follicles
  • Revitalize hair
  • Maintain elasticity

    How to nourish and moisturize hair?

    To have hydrated and nourished hair, one of the best solutions is to use hair care enriched with water and nutrients. Choose products adapted to your hair type to regain suppleness, softness and shine.

    Products and treatments to nourish and moisturize hair

    Madame la Presidente products to boost hair hydration and nutrition are formulated to restore strength, suppleness and softness. They contain ingredients specially selected for their benefits on dry, brittle and damaged hair.

    Moisturizing shampoos and conditioners

    A hydrating shampoo is a must for taking care of dry and dehydrated hair.

    Resolution No. 5 Madam President Shampoo strengthens and moisturizes dry hair without weighing it down. In addition to its anti-hair loss properties, it gently cleanses hair thanks to its sulfate- and silicone-free, paraben-free formulation.

    Food supplements and gummies

    Madam President food supplements contain vitamins B, C, D, minerals such as zinc, iron, selenium and even plant extracts. They allow the hair fiber to be intensely nourished from the inside. They target growth and strengthen the hair bulb.

    Rich in vitamins and minerals, hair gummies will deeply nourish the hair and provide it with the nutrients necessary for healthy growth. They strengthen the hair, which stimulates growth.

    Nourishing masks and serums

    The Resolution N°6 Madam President mask is a nourishing and hydrating mask . Enriched with olive and sunflower oil, it nourishes, hydrates and repairs your hair from root to tip. It is an essential deep treatment for brittle, dry and/or damaged hair. Its creamy cream texture provides softness, shine and facilitates detangling without breaking the hair fiber.

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