Hair loss: how to avoid hair loss?

Madame La Présidente treatments are formulated with concentrated active ingredients to combat hair loss. Our anti-hair loss products help reactivate hair growth and boost your hair routine. Our treatments help you grow hair, strengthen, hydrate and nourish the hair fiber.

What is hair loss?

Hair loss is a natural process as we lose around 50 to 100 hairs per day. However, excessive and therefore abnormal loss may result from an occasional, hereditary or reactive factor. Hair loss can occur at any age, varies from one person to another and can have several origins.

What are the causes of hair loss? 

Hair loss can be caused by several causes .  

Genetic factors and heredity

In both men and women, androgenetic alopecia is the main cause of hair loss, which is mainly hereditary. Genetic factors cause the scalp follicles to react abnormally.

The most common hair loss among men is baldness. The hair follicle is blocked and leads to weakening of the hair fiber. Baldness occurs with age and results in the appearance of thinner hair above the head in general.

Hormonal changes: pregnancy, menopause, thyroid  

Female hair loss can be due to hormonal variations. It most often occurs during or after pregnancy, and after menopause. The drop in female hormone levels leads to slower growth and thinning of hair. Rough hair and hair loss are symptoms associated with thyroid disease, an imbalance of hormones.

Medicinal causes and heavy treatments 

Certain drug treatments such as chemotherapy can have side effects and cause hair loss. We talk about medicinal alopecia, it is a side effect of medications which causes hair loss.

Stress and psychological factors 

The sudden onset of hair loss may be related to your emotional state. It impacts your body at the cellular level and therefore alters the scalp. Stress can cause an inflammatory disease called alopecia areata (hair loss in patches in certain areas). 

Scalp diseases and infections 

The appearance of dandruff, scales or intense itching on the scalp is sometimes a sign of infection or inflammation. Many pathologies such as seborrheic dermatitis or psoriasis affect the scalp and cause hair loss.  

Nutritional deficiencies  

Vitamin and/or mineral deficiencies impact growth and increase hair fragility. A diet with low nutrient density can create an imbalance in the hair follicle. 

How to prevent hair loss? 

After identifying the cause, there are several solutions to hair loss such as using an anti-hair loss treatment . 

Firstly, we advise you to avoid all external attacks that your hair is constantly subjected to (brush, hair dryer) and protect it (sun, wind, etc.). Limit hairstyles that are too tight, which put tension on the frontal areas and cause traction alopecia . We recommend that you apply an anti-hair loss treatment to the affected areas. 

When you notice hair loss, changing your diet can help stop it. Replace products that are too sweet, too fatty or processed with a varied and balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables. By eating the right foods, you can reduce your deficiencies and fight against hair loss. 

Another solution against alopecia is taking food supplements and a product routine against hair loss . At Madame La Présidente, they are made up of natural active ingredients (vitamins, minerals, plants) essential for maintaining hair health. These treatments help stop hair loss and stimulate growth while giving them a boost! 

If your hair loss persists, we advise you to consult a dermatologist to treat your condition. 


Products and treatments to boost hair growth

To fight against hair loss, it is important to opt for a treatment adapted to their nature and their needs. The Madame La Présidente range of hair products is recognized for its effectiveness in strengthening the hair bulb and activating hair regrowth. You will find the best anti hair loss product! 


Hair growth shampoos and conditioners

Resolution N°5 is an anti-hair loss shampoo . It cleanses your hair and promotes anchoring of the hair bulb. It is composed of cinnamon, gingko, biloba and kigelia: a mixture exclusive to Madame La Présidente which strengthens the hair. If you have straight to wavy, curly, frizzy to frizzy hair; Choose our shampoo to find more resistant hair after use. 


Food supplements and hair growth gummies 

Our food supplements are formulated to promote hair growth. They contain vitamins, minerals and plants.


Hair growth masks and serums

To slow down hair loss, our Resolution N°3 anti-hair loss serum is a must! This anti-hair loss treatment promotes hair growth. It is composed of a concentrate of active ingredients and an exclusive Capillum Fortis complex which provide strength and density to your hair. Take the opportunity to give yourself a head massage which will stimulate the blood microcirculation of the scalp and relax you. 

Resolution N°6 My Nutri-active mask is an anti-hair loss mask which has a triple action: it nourishes, hydrates and strengthens your hair. Made up of 97.6% ingredients of natural origin, this mask helps prevent hair loss and helps strengthen hair growth . 

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