Hair growth: how to accelerate hair growth?

To promote hair growth, your hair needs a supply of nutrients. Our food supplements are formulated with vitamins, plants and minerals essential to the well-being of hair.

How to promote hair growth?

Hair grows more or less quickly from one person to another and from one season to another. Deficiencies, external aggressions, daily stress or hormonal variations can also impact hair growth and quality. Hair growth is directly linked to your lifestyle, diet and hair routine.  

Food supplements are concentrated in vitamins and minerals necessary for hair growth and health. We recommend that you do a 3 month hair growth treatment to get results. A good hair routine with gentle care adapted to your hair type will keep your hair healthy.  

Here are some tips for longer hair : Take care of your hair by keeping your scalp clean and your lengths moisturized. Massaging your scalp with a hair growth serum stimulates blood circulation and promotes growth.

Products and treatments to boost hair growth

There are many hair treatments that promote growth . Hair growth is influenced by various factors including hair care. Opt for a routine with a hair growth shampoo , food supplements concentrated in vitamins...

Hair growth shampoos and conditioners 

Resolution No. 5 My Anti-Hair Loss and Strengthening Shampoo is a hair growth shampoo that contains gentle and revitalizing ingredients. Formulated for each hair type, it strengthens the hair bulb and stimulates blood circulation in the scalp to promote growth. It contains natural ingredients known for their benefits on hair such as Capillum Fortis, a complex of 3 active ingredients: Ginkgo Biloba, Cinnamon, Kigelia. 

Food supplements and hair growth gummies

Madam President hair food supplements provide all the nutrients to your hair from the inside, in addition to a healthy and balanced diet. It is a concentrated source of vitamins essential for hair growth such as vitamin B8 and biotin. Resolution N°1 is THE most complete food supplement on the market! An exclusive formula that strengthens hair and promotes its growth. 

Madam President hair growth gummies are food supplements in the form of gummy candies, easy to consume on a daily basis. They contribute to the maintenance of normal hair and participate in the stimulation of the hair bulb. Hairboost are hair gummies concentrated in vitamin B8, vitamin B9 and zinc. They allow hair to grow faster, making it stronger, more voluminous, shinier.  

Hair growth masks and serums

Madam President masks and serums are specially formulated to promote hair growth and strengthen your hair bulb. They will reactivate hair growth because they contain exclusive active ingredients such as Capillum Fortis. Our hair care products are hair growth treatments most appreciated for their action on hair growth and regrowth. 

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