Challenge your guy to shoot during the World Cup

Mets ton mec au défi pousse pendant la coupe du monde
Does your man watch football? Does he take care of his beard, his hair and think of you? Lucky girl!

What ? Are you also as passionate about football as him? Well, you found yourself quite well! Because in the middle of the World Cup , our men only think about one thing: the match of the teams they support! Normally, many people are not fans of skincare and other beauty routines . And even when they like it, they are not always consistent in their use.

We know the effectiveness of a product depends on your consistency!

So now is the time to challenge him to get the same mane or beard as his, or your, favorite player! Especially with the abundance of skincare brands specifically targeting men, or unisex brands, they no longer have any excuses to indulge.

Let's give them the same determination to take as much care of their hair and beard as watching a football match with friends. For 1 month, Madam President invites you to challenge your boyfriend. What if during the football world cup, you made your darling's hair grow ? And more ...

How ? We explain everything to help the man in your life exploit his true potential during his favorite season.

world cut hair

A beard and hair challenge, the time of a world championship.

Drible, half-time, corner, offside, free kick, top corner, penalties... so many terms and rules to know when watching football. If we just stopped at beer and pizza, we'd do pretty well.

For this challenge, the only words you need to know are: Shampoo, hydration and care . Yes, at first glance, you might think that the world cup and growing hair or beard have nothing in common, but yes!

We told you, consistency is because the players are consistent during training, because they offer us breathtaking matches and actions. Like Zidane for Real Madrid , transform yourself into an uncompromising coach and motivate your darling.

Because men, too, should take care of themselves regularly. For what ? To pamper yourself a little to escape. So why not support him in this effort by creating an escape routine for two .

world cut hair

Hair first,

Many men have hair problems such as greasy, thin hair or worse... baldness, and that's a minor pain for many of them!

Sometimes the hair makes the man. Whether the cut is simple, complex, long or relaxed. A haircut often says a lot about the person himself and his life journey.

If it all starts with a haircut. It must then be taken care of to preserve it for a long time. This involves the care that our hair needs, for our men as for us, they need a good shampoo like Resolution No. 5 my strengthening & anti-hair loss shampoo to wash and strengthen your hair before applying hair. hydration withResolution n°6 my nutri-active mask .

The older we get, the more care our hair needs. So we hold on, especially if you want to help your darling maintain a full head of hair for the next ten or fifteen years.

After the shampoo and mask step, he can let his hair air dry or use our microfiber towel for a very effective conditioning action. He can do it while watching the last World Cup match, his hair under his towel.

Before continuing with a moisturizing styling milk and a wax or a little gel. Well, that's it. And, if he is facing hair loss or just wants to have a long haircut like Griezmann, offer him, Monsieur , food supplements in the form of gummies, super easy to take, to help his hair and beard grow. .

world cut hair

Because we love beard hair

Many people have questions about caring for their beard!

But for them to maintain it, they still need to have one and provide it. Where your bearded guy struts with confidence, others find themselves with pretty holes and perhaps feel a little left out of this great fashion. Especially since today, beards are a bit like makeup for women.

There are many tips for growing a beard. Some more relevant and natural than others, it's up to you to sort according to your lover's real motivation!

Obviously, miracles don't exist. For beards, as for hair, growth takes time.
In addition, you must follow certain steps to be able to achieve this. Whether it's a fresh three-day beard or a casual full beard, beards are now more than a fashion trend.

However, for it to be considered sensual and sexy , once your darling's beard has grown, it must be well styled and groomed . Let's avoid the red card for an ugly beard!

He can use a beard shampoo or Résolution n°5 my strengthening & anti-hair loss shampoo , which will act without attacking his skin before finishing with a beard oil then your R é sol ution n°4 Elixir booster to fill in the small holes beard.

Finally, one last word for your darling, don't shave your beard ! The idea that shaving your beard regularly promotes long-term growth is a preconceived idea. Even if it seems ugly or messy at first, you should not shave and take your dietary compliments Monsieur to stimulate growth .

Global hair care

But the skin too

We agree, men should take some time for themselves too. They should take care of their body and skin.

Taking care of your skin seems logical to us women, but it's just as important for our men. Especially if they are looking to grow their beards. Having clean and hydrated skin is essential to promote this growth. Especially in the middle of the World Cup.

Help him choose a cleanser suited to his skin , especially if he has sensitive skin. We also avoid too hot water which could dry out his skin. For beautiful skin under his beard and for the rest of his face, he must start by exfoliating his face to remove dead skin.

Moreover, we also recommend our DIY baby skin face mask to your lover , for soft and hydrated skin.

½ Lawyer

2 tbsp honey

3 drops of apricot essential oil

Mix the ingredients in a bowl

All he has to do is apply the mask to his face, leaving it on for 5 to 10 minutes.

Once the treatment has been rinsed off, he can hydrate his skin before returning to watch a football match with glowing skin.

A month later, your darling will celebrate the end of the World Cup by having top-notch hair and beard, and his skin, we won't even tell you about it. A challenge worth it! And if he's still not convinced so far, tell him that you're pretty sure that this is the treatment that Georgina recommends for CR7 . Just that ! Are we sure he'll come running ?

The challenge you threw at your boyfriend was taken up and achieved, we love it.

What other challenge would you like to give your man? Share with us in the comments your tips to help him take care of himself.
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