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The benefits of corn starch

Les bienfaits de l’amidon de Maïs

In our series of DIY by Madame la Présidence , this week, we are telling you the secrets of this white, silky and natural powder to maintain beautiful skin as well as beautiful hair.

Do you know what stepmothers, witches and other Disney stepmothers have in common?

No really... ? Do you give your tongue to the cat? Well, it's about youth, yes eternal youth, beautiful soft and sensual skin , Rapunzel-style hair, that's the goal.

Treatments that promise to help us fight against wrinkles , loose skin and even hyperpigmentation spots . Obviously there are many requests! What wouldn't we do to preserve the youthfulness of our beautiful faces and our beautiful hair? It’s a daily battle!

If you don't want to opt for expensive treatments or the technique of kidnapping innocent young girls to steal their youth like Disney stepmothers; but rather use the natural, Madam President is your solution.
With a wide choice of natural products allowing us to delay and reduce these marks of time. Madam President offers you the secret to radiant skin and dreamy hair thanks to the benefits of corn starch .

And if this can save you from a criminal record for Kidnapping or mistreatment like these dear mothers-in-law, that's even better!

Eternal youth...natural is yours!

Benefits of corn starch

The benefits of corn starch

Today, corn starch is a major ingredient in cosmetics . It is part of the composition of very diverse products, and for very different skin types . Totally wow, right?

To preserve and pamper your skin, we advise you to opt for natural products to make at home. Simple to make and full of benefits, DIY treatments are essential if you like to know what your products contain.

Important in cooking to thicken your sauces, corn starch can also be used in cosmetics. We like the versatility ;)

Rich in antioxidants , corn starch, helps protect your skin against free radicals responsible for premature aging of your skin. It also allows you to obtain a fresh and luminous complexion , in addition to visibly smoothed skin.

Also rich in beta carotene , a derivative of vitamin A and in B vitamins , corn starch promotes cell regeneration , improves skin elasticity and healing .

To think that a simple powder would have been enough to soothe these mothers-in-law!

In addition to working miracles on your face, corn starch is the darling of curly to curly hair . Thanks to these minerals and antioxidants, it helps nourish and hydrate your hair.

Your hair will be soft and shiny. And if you have hair that gets greasy quickly, corn starch will help you regulate the production of sebum in your scalp. Rebellious hair, curly or frizzy hair, styling will be simpler and frizz will be controlled .

Just that, huh? And how do I use it?

The benefits of corn starch: DIY face mask

Nothing beats grandmother's recipes

Aging of the skin happens naturally and this leads to a loss of collagen .

Of course, different factors can play a role during this process. Your stress level, lack of sleep or hydration, the sun... there are many causes and it is sometimes difficult to act on these factors.

Anti-wrinkle creams and various facial treatments can be effective, but often expensive , they end up piling up in the bathroom, with no apparent or visible result.

With its many properties, corn starch allows the skin not only to regenerate , but to recover elasticity . So how can we not want to adopt corn starch in our beauty routine ? Especially since it is an ingredient present in our cupboards. We recommend that you integrate this new ingredient into your routine using DIY recipes.

We love DIY, we embrace it and obviously you do too.

Starch mask recipe

1 tbsp corn starch

1 tbsp rice flour

150 ml of water

1 tbsp of natural yogurt

60 ml of carrot juice

In a bowl, pour 50 ml of water and mix the corn starch until you obtain a smooth cream.

In a saucepan, boil the remaining 100 ml of water.

Add the starch mixture, stirring until the mixture thickens slightly.

Leave to cool and add a spoonful of natural yogurt and the carrot juice.

Apply the mask to your face and leave it on for 40 minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water.

Moisturize your skin with your usual care.

Are you wondering why yogurt or carrots?

If you don't know yet, the lactic acid present in yogurt visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles while tightening pores. It also provides elasticity to the skin .

Rice flour is known for its multiple beauty benefits, it acts as an exfoliant to remove dead skin, but also as an anti-wrinkle thanks to its content of squalene and linoleic acid as well as vitamin B3 .

Carrot juice contains beta carotene , like corn starch, and therefore protects your skin from external damage. Apply once a week for stunning results.

You can also integrate pure food supplements into your routine for even more radiant skin. Taking care of your skin from the outside is good, but from the outside and the inside is even better.

the benefits of corn starch: diy hair

And for your hair, because they go hand in hand.

You may have seen it everywhere, in addition to face mask DIYs, there are also hair mask DIYs made from corn starch. Amazing, this treatment is creating a buzz on social networks and we tell you everything you need to know.

Corn starch is perfect for revitalizing your curls and preventing frizz , it helps retain hydration in addition to providing a sheathing effect to the hair. It makes detangling easier and allows you to tame your long mane without difficulty.

Our recipe for the Coco-starch moisturizing mask , to be found in video on our social networks

250 ml coconut milk

2 tbsp Corn starch

2 tbsp Castor Oil

2/3 drops of Ylang Ylang essential oil

Apply your mask to your hair from ends to roots. It should be applied to dry or slightly damp, clean and detangled hair. We recommend that you apply it just after your Resolution No. 5 shampoo, my strengthening and anti-hair loss shampoo .

Lightly massage your scalp once the mask is on your hair. First of all, it helps boost the oxygenation and nutrition of your roots.

This massage also helps stimulate hair growth and slow down hair loss. You can also leave the mask to act under a warm towel.

After at least 20 minutes, rinse with cold or lukewarm water, possibly with a little vinegar or yourorganic Hair detox tea , to seal in the hydration.

A cornstarch-based hair mask can be widely used to help your dry and damaged hair . But it alone will not be able to cover the needs of your hair, so don't forget your Resolution No. 1 or your Hairboost for princess hair.

In addition to integrating these recipes into your routine, food supplements are essential. They will help you achieve your Hair goal without any problem. Establish a real routine and stick to it to see the benefits. As the famous saying goes, “success depends on goals and diligence in pursuing them”.
Because, to the question: Mirror, my kind mirror! Tell me, who has the most beautiful skin in the kingdom?

He will answer you: All those who use Pure , Resolution n°1 or Hairboost food supplements , my queen. Take care of yourself from the outside as well as the inside!

Do you already know the benefits of corn starch? Share with us your recipes using corn starch in the comments.
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