The importance of diet to have beautiful hair

L’importance de l’alimentation pour avoir de beaux cheveux
This week, let's stay on the theme of well-being and talk about nutrition . It is of course important for taking care of our health, but also has visible effects on our hair and our body.

We all know that it is essential to eat a balanced diet for our health, but we still do not know the real impact of diet on our skin and hair.

Why is nutrition so important?

Over the last week, Meriem had the pleasure of welcoming Audrey Sylva , well-being coach, during an Instagram live. We were then able to understand the importance of diet to feel good in your body and have beautiful hair . She also took the time to guide us to better understand the dietary practices to favor in order to have stronger and shinier hair.

So, for those who are absent, Madam President is pleased to share this beautiful exchange with you again!

Therefore, this week: zero effort to read our blog article. Cue yourself warm on your sofa, snuggle up under your blanket and pour yourself a hot cup of
Resolution No. 2 my organic hair detoxification tea. You are ready ? One click and off you go for 1 hour in the company of Meriem and Audrey, to learn everything about the impact of nutrition on the health of your hair! ?

What do you think about the importance of a good diet to have beautiful hair?
Share with us your suggestions for a good diet in the comments.
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