Idées coiffures

Ideal cuts for curly hair

Des coupes idéales pour cheveux bouclés

Our dear curly hair!

So beautiful, and so complicated when it comes to choosing the cut to adopt!

Do not worry! we are here to give you some advice and not end up like that after going to the hairdresser ⬇️

Let's start! Don't forget to detangle your curls in the shower! If you do it on dry hair it will break your curls and give a “straw” effect. Let it dry in the open air to preserve the effect of your natural curl and apply a serum or special dry oil for our manes which will perfect the result!

1/ The curly bob!

On any type of hair, the bob is trendy!

All the more reason to adopt it on your curly hair which will give nice volume and an amaaaazing finish!

5 cuts for curly hair

2/ The gradient

Ideal for our hair, it allows us to obtain beautiful curls and avoid the "triangle" effect.

Let me explain: the longer our hair is, the heavier it is...the less defined the curls are . So flat at the top, curly at the bottom... blah blah...

The gradient will lighten the cut and give your curls all the bounce they deserve?

3/ The boyish cut

Be bold! Curls on very short hair are super trendy !

Cut short on the side and redefine your curls in height. A-SSU-RE result!

And so easy to maintain...

4/ Bangs or no bangs?

We all ask ourselves this question at least once, and sometimes we take the plunge.

Do not hesitate! For a long time we were told that bangs were not made for our lion hair. Queneni! The most beautiful curlistas wear it proudly!

However, it should still be avoided if:

  • You have an oily forehead or a tendency to acne spots

  • You are self-conscious about your nose

Natural anyway!

Let our curly hair free is our best hair signature !

Let the lioness that sleeps in you roar! Curly hair Rocks!

Finally, find here a great video of the super Yanissa talking about her hair routine!

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