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Why use a mask for your hair

Today there are different types of masks; moisturizing mask , nourishing mask , protein mask , detoxifying mask ... It is a product that has been integrated into hair routines for years. But, we ca...

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7 techniques for curling your hair without heat

Last week, we saw together how many times a week you should wash your hair . Today, the team offers you the next step in your hair routine : style it with style! ?‍♀️ Well yes, here we give you tut...

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The 7 hairstyles for this summer to absolutely try

Summer has finally arrived? ; festival season?, parties?, happy hours with colleagues? or simply a vacation⛱️... The best time of the year when you don't necessarily want to do your hair and at the...

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7 tips for getting maximum volume

Obtain maximum volume No need to wait until the 4th or even 5th day of wash and go to obtain beautiful volume, nor even necessarily use heat... With the right technique and the right products, ...

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4 ideas for homemade hair gels

4 homemade hair gel recipes Aloe Vera, flax seeds, chia seeds, so many natural ingredients that you can use at home to concoct your homemade hair gel. These gels based on natural ingredients are ...

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Protect your hair at night

How to protect your hair at night? Although you are tired, exhausted and exhausted after a hard day, you must not forget to take care of your hair before going to bed. You won't need to spend ho...

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The benefits of lemon for hair

Have you ever heard the adage “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”? This is very true given that lemons have many benefits, not only for health but also for your hair routine! In addition...


3 ways to stretch your hair without heat

Textured hair, naturally frizzy or curly, tends to shrink when styling products are applied to it. It is said that they shrink (shrinkage is a sign of good health for your hair, Presidents!). Howev...


Restore shine to dull hair

Why do some people have dull hair, while others have proud, shiny hair? Injustice! A lot of factors come into play here, and it's hard to pinpoint just one culprit. If you have dull hair and lack ...

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Trendy hairstyles for terraces: advice and DIY

Summer is upon us, the terraces have reopened: let's give them a warm welcome! But be careful, there is no way it will damage our hair as usual. This time we will be ready, properly prepared with ...

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Style my dry or damaged hair

Styling your dry or damaged hair is often a nightmare! And parties rarely do them any good! How not to damage them further? Protective hairstyle or loose hair: what to choose? So many questions tha...

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4 easy hairstyle ideas for the holidays

The holidays are coming, and with them the opportunity to look your best! Are you already looking for THE hairstyle that will highlight your outfit for these special evenings? Us too, and we'll sh...

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4 easy hairstyle ideas for Halloween

Yes, we are in lockdown again. But Madam President is offering you an original Halloween... at home! Photos, video calls... Why deprive yourself of partying?! For the occasion, we offer you 4 easy...

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What are the hair trends for this 2020 school year?

It's back to school! After nine very hectic months , finding your way back to class or the office is almost good news. But after months in pajamas and a sunny summer without wearing too much, how t...

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What hair colors to adopt in fall?

In autumn, the colors of the leaves change. What if you changed your hair color too?! Summer is over with the reflections of the sun on our hair? now it’s time for fall and warm colors! ...

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Trendy hairstyles for summer 2019

Summer has finally arrived! We have the most beautiful hairstyles on the beach! And this year we dare and we give our hair its parade like in Cannes! Rock your hair ! We have uncovered for you the...

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Ideal cuts for curly hair

Our dear curly hair! So beautiful, and so complicated when it comes to choosing the cut to adopt! Do not worry! we are here to give you some advice and not end up like that after going to the ha...

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The 5 trendy short cuts for summer

Summer is approaching, and so is the heat... Long hair is beautiful, but damn, it's so hot! The time has come to give ourselves a new look by shortening our mane! The good news is that...