Boost your hair!

Boostez vos cheveux !

Whether straight or curly, do you also dream of supple, shiny, healthy and thick hair? Rest assured ! There are many hair treatments available for this, but to maximize their effectiveness it is better to adopt a few healthy lifestyle rules. 5 steps to give them back their spring:

1. A good diet for a vigorous mane

Healthy hair starts with a healthy diet ! To have thickness and volume, hair needs many elements: proteins , zinc , iron , vitamins A and B , essential fatty acids and even vitamin E.

To provide them with all this, adopt a balanced diet by consuming meat, fish, seasonal fruits and vegetables, spinach, tomatoes, broccoli, almonds, walnuts and nuts. And for seasoning, vary the vegetable oils. Also find our article on the natural allies of beautiful hair

2. Keratin to repair hair

If keratin is necessary for healthy nails , it is just as necessary for the beauty of hair . The body synthesizes it from proteins provided by our diet, but we can also give it a little boost by consuming it in the form of food supplements , for example. It will help to coat the hair and redensify it.

3. Brush your hair correctly

Contrary to popular belief, brushing your hair every day does not cause hair loss! This beauty gesture does the greatest good for your hair, provided that it is carried out regularly and with the right technique.

To regain shine and density, start head down by brushing the hair from the nape of the neck and moving up towards the forehead. Also start from the sides before moving up to the top of your head. "Once you get to the roots, don't brush too vigorously so as not to excite the sebaceous glands, which would tend to make your hair greasy. And finally finish by brushing from top to bottom, your hair will shine in just a few brush strokes!?

4. A new start with Resolution No. 1

Because healthy hair must be nourished from the roots, Madam President offers an exclusive formula based on vitamins, plants and minerals in order to find the mane we all dream of: strong, nourished and healthy!

Resolution N°1 is THE food supplement that restores vitality and density to your hair and helps it grow more quickly. Because we all prefer to spend time doing something other than time-consuming treatments, Resolution N°1 is 1 tablet, once a day with 1 large glass of water. Who has a faster solution?

We'll have supple, silky, thick hair like in the movies!

5. Rinse with oat milk or beer for guaranteed shine

Rinsing can also affect the texture and shine of the hair. For an oat milk rinse , nothing could be simpler: boil four tablespoons of oat flakes in a small liter of water. Sieve and the water is ready to apply!
For a beer rinse, it's even easier (consume in moderation so as not to dry out the hair in the long run), pour a glass of lager over your head and rinse quickly with clean water.

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