Beauté Canapé: the 100% feminine Cocooning event

Beauté Canapé : l’événement Cocooning 100% féminin

Beauté Canapé: the 100% feminine Cocooning event

Want a relaxing moment just for you?

Do you dream of being pampered from head to toe by beauty professionals?

Your wishes are orders !

Here we go for the 3rd edition of Beauté Canapé !

Like the first two editions organized by Odile & Meriem,

This pampering day, in a secret location in Paris, promises great surprises.

Sit comfortably and head to well-being !

In a relaxing and friendly atmosphere, wander through the different rooms of the apartment to discover the workshops that all our partners have put together for you.

According to your desires, you can meet the professionals who will welcome you warmly with the sole mission of making you have a pleasant moment!

So, get ready to spend a day that is 100% dedicated to you and leave with stars in your eyes and glitter in your body!

On the program for this 3rd edition:

  • Smoothing and anti-aging massage with argan oil : Thanks to its oils made by Moroccan women, Immia Oil will offer you a hand or facial massage using argan oil. Ancestral gestures to smooth the face and prevent wrinkles, you will come out of this workshop with regenerated skin!

  • Psycho-nutrition workshop by Emilie Garel: Need to lose weight? To take it? To rebalance your diet? Emilie will receive you individually to give you advice adapted to your pace of life!

  • Massage by Vaness', come and benefit from a facial and head massage which will ensure muscle relaxation and a little shivering pleasure on the scalp. Relaxation guaranteed !

  • Scarf tied workshop by Zankara's dressing room : Have you always wondered how to tie a scarf in your hair without ever succeeding? Zankara will give you simple and effective techniques to become a Head Wrap pro!

Beauty Sofa Madam President beauty sofa

  • Hair diagnosis by Odile de Ma Box à Cheveux : Are you unable to find the hair routine that suits you? Odile will give you great tips after studying your mane!

  • Well-being hand scrub and massage by Natyvis Cosmetics : Do you dream of hands as soft as a baby's bottom? Find Hend who will take care of your hands like no other!

  • Nail bar by Nude Experience : And why not complement the hand scrub and massage with a great manicure? Nude Experience, brand creator of natural, vegan nail polishes enriched with aloe vera, will graciously provide you with everything you need to have splendid hands! A palette of summer colors, top coats , base coats ... With this, your nails will be perfect!

  • Eyebrow threading by Nancy from Cocooning Me : Come and have your eyebrows threaded by Nancy who will enhance your look. The thread technique from Eastern countries offers clean and precise hair removal.

  • Workshop on tailor-made skin care by Drey Beauté sur Mesure : Biophysicist and dermoadvisor, Audrey will bring you her expertise and the creation of a customizable anti-brown spot or moisturizing night serum. You will come out of this workshop with a new night routine!

  • Sophrology by Stéphanie Frick : Come and escape thanks to Stéphanie who will take you on a 20-minute journey with a sophrology session. 100% escape moment!

  • Cranial massage by Siham from Sensation Lashes MUA : reflexology, cranial massage or treatments based on essential oils! We all dream of it! Siham will bring you that total happiness and relax you to the maximum ! We can not wait to be there !

Beauty sofa

  • Create your capsule for the holidays! Beauty by LYL : Want to change your look or receive some advice for a minimalist wardrobe? Lydie will be there to provide you with all these valuable tips using simple and easy-to-apply methods on a daily basis!

  • Olfactory workshop : let yourself be tempted by this unique experience which will make you discover the influence of olfaction on your Being. Designed by Agathe Jacquinet and Eleonore de Staël, this free olfaction experience will take you on a surprising inner journey.

  • Workshop on making your own personalized solid shampoo by Meriem, founder of Madame la Présidente . Come and make your own shampoo based on your problem!

Finally, to accompany a day of relaxation and pampering, nothing better than a few sweets to savor!

You will find among other things:

  • The Infusion brand is an iced drink made in France, 100% natural and organic made from hand-harvested medicinal plants. Something to quench your thirst during this relaxing day!

  • Not Guilty Sweet Revolution will offer you vegan confectionery without animal gelatin. Nothing better than some sweets to enjoy a beautiful day!

  • Yumearthfrance come and taste sweets with a powerful taste, simple and natural ingredients! Lollipops, sour beans, gummies, and all that organic, vegan and gluten-free! We're licking our lips!

Between friends, between sisters, with your daughter or with yourself, let us take care of you naturally!

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