How to protect your hair from pollution

Comment protéger ses cheveux de la pollution

It's difficult to escape pollution... Smoke, exhaust gases, dust and so on! We know its many negative effects on the skin, and unfortunately hair is not spared! They become dull, brittle and greasy VERY quickly! Focus on our tips to limit damage and protect your hair against pollution!

Moisturize your hair to protect it against pollution

To begin with and as always… We can never repeat it enough, hydration is the basis of a good hair routine . The masks will deeply hydrate your hair. Choose them carefully according to your hair type . Even if your hair is oily , an oil bath on your lengths from time to time cannot be ruled out. This will create a protective barrier on your hair and deeply hydrate it. Every morning, you can apply a natural protective spray to your hair, which will protect it from pollution:

    • 50 ml of orange blossom hydrosol

    • 50 ml of ylang ylang hydrosol

Mix these two hydrosols in a spray bottle, apply a few sprays every morning to your hair, and voilà!

Tip: Store your hydrosol in the fridge, because hydrosols keep better at low temperatures. Plus, the fresh effect will be great for waking up!

In the evening, don't forget to brush your hair with a round comb to remove particles that have settled on your hair. It will also be a good way to air them out!

Attention ! Even if there is pollution, there is no point in washing your hair every evening. You risk destroying the protective barrier created by your sebum. 2 shampoos per week are LARGELY sufficient.

Every 2 weeks, you can make a white clay mask to apply in the shower to deeply detoxify your hair. After your usual shampoo , apply the white clay and massage gently before rinsing!

Fashion protection!

During major pollution peaks, don't hesitate to bring out your best headgear!

Hat, beret, cap, scarf are very trendy in winter and summer and will protect your hair from pollution!

And to finish in style, don't hesitate to turn to our Resolution No. 2 tea: it will purify your hair and scalp. Great for fighting pollution! And you, what are your tips against pollution?

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