Idées coiffures

Trendy hairstyles for summer 2019

Les coiffures tendances de l'été 2019

Summer has finally arrived! We have the most beautiful hairstyles on the beach! And this year we dare and we give our hair its parade like in Cannes! Rock your hair ! We have uncovered for you the trendy styles to adopt this summer! Follow us !

Before you start anything,

Prepare your hair before summer by giving it a good dose of hydration before exposure to the sun!

The braid: an essential!

The braid in summer we taste it in all sauces!

Protective hairstyle , this one has the advantage of being simple, practical and CANON!

Before going swimming, apply a protective spray to your lengths and braid the back of your head!

Head over to our Instagram to discover our recipe for making your own protective spray!

Believe me, this hairstyle will be your best friend all summer!

At Madam President we love the spiky braid , which we even adopt when we go out! ?

The wavy hair!

A timeless one! Every summer we can't do without this hair classic!

For a 100% natural effect, braid several braids on damp hair before going to sleep and let them air dry!

Untie your braids the next day and admire your perfect wavy!

Little tip! Apply a dry oil to your damp hair before tying it,

The next day they will be soft and shiny !

The half bun!

Guaranteed effect on short and long hair!

This hairstyle will only take you 5 minutes to achieve, I promise!

All you need to do is take some hair from the top of your head and make it into a high bun!

And that's it!

For a more elaborate half bun , dare to braid on top of the head and finish with your bun!

Dare to be original!

Bantu Knots !

You're probably wondering what it's all about!

An Asian dish?

Well no !

But the hairstyle that Rihanna loves!

To do this, all you need to do is make lots of mini buns on your head and that's it!

Like Riri!

The styled/disheveled low bun!

Who has never done this quick bun while being late in the morning? ✋

This bun is inevitably the hairstyle that we keep on hand in case of alarm failure

Or... For special occasions like us! ?

On the beach or in town , it will dress up any of your outfits.

Day and night! ?

No matter what hairstyle you choose, don't forget to pamper yourself your hair !

Just like your skin, they need softness and the sun + sea water combo is not their best friend!

But we know that during the summer holidays we prefer to enjoy the good weather!

WithResolution N°1 , one tablet per day and that’s it! Take these golden pills with you everywhere! ?

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