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Green clay, against oily hair

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Green clay, a fatal weapon against oily hair!

Greasy hair is my, our, your worst nightmare...

Since your dear and tender adolescence, (this is generally the time when hormones start to run wild) your scalp has decided to act up, forcing you to wash your hair every other day if not. It's every day.

DIY green clay for oily hair

What are the benefits of clay on hair?

You must have tried, like us, thousands of anti-greasy hair shampoos, made with dubious mixtures, nothing works.

Green clay for oily hair is the multifunctional product you need in your hair routine.

Its benefits are numerous:

  • It purifies
  • He feeds
  • He sanitizes
  • It degreases
  • It moisturizes
  • It regulates sebum
  • It softens the hair

    Clay is composed of many minerals such as silicon, magnesium, zinc and calcium. It has many benefits for the skin and will help absorb bacteria and accelerate healing.

    Which clay for which hair type?

    Clay comes in different colors. We therefore obtain several possible uses. You will find in store; green, yellow, red, white or even pink clay .
    • White clay will be recommended if you are prone to dandruff or if you have a very sensitive scalp.
    • Red clay will be ideal for giving a boost to tired, dull hair and will bring suppleness to your hair fiber.
    • Green clay is the must-have for oily hair. It absorbs impurities and will detoxify the scalp.
    • Yellow clay is more suitable for weakened and sensitive hair. She is softer.
    • Pink clay is what you need if you have dry hair and hair loss.

    How to use green clay on hair?

    Here are the steps to regain healthy hair and a healthy scalp!

    It's all about the clay-water mixture. Mix about four tablespoons of green clay powder with lukewarm mineral water in a bowl until you obtain a very smooth, even elastic paste.

    Little tip:

    Add a spoonful of honey to your mixture, this will prolong the elasticity and humidity of the mask. Then, you are free to personalize your dough. After all, who knows your hair's needs better than you? You can add a few drops of essential oils.

    For example, you can use lavender oil (healing and regenerating), rosemary (revitalizing) or sage (hair growth). Tea Tree oil is recommended against dandruff, while Yilang-Ylang oil will fight against

    hair loss

    while restoring shine to your hair. You have the choice !

    For application:

    Take a good dose of clay in your hand and apply it directly to your scalp. Distribute the preparation evenly over your entire head, and above all, do not touch the ends!

    In fact, the latter are often already very dry or even brittle, so avoid the potential disaster. So choose an oil for the ends , such as linseed oil or almond oil, which strengthen and repair brittle hair.

    So back to our clay. Once the mask is applied, gently massage your scalp , then leave for around twenty minutes . It's time to relax and take care of yourself.

    Besides, did you know that green clay can also be applied as a facial mask?

    Green clay for excess scalp sebum

    If you have oily skin, kill two birds with one stone and take the opportunity to exfoliate your skin using green clay. I promise, Madam President will explain everything about the clay mask in a future DIY.

    20 minutes have passed, it's time to wash your hair. Apply your shampoo (why not the Resolution n°5 strengthening and anti-hair loss shampoo ) and presto, goodbye to greasy hair! The results will be visible from the first application . Repeat this ritual twice a week, then reduce the frequency as your scalp changes.

    You are now equipped to deal with oily hair thanks to our DIY using green clay!

    Now that you have solved your oily hair problems, consider nourishing your hair from the inside naturally with a course of candy-shaped food supplements ? Dream hair is yours!

    Don’t hesitate to share your experiences and advice for all Presidents!

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