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7 tips for getting maximum volume

7 conseils pour obtenir le maximum de volume

Obtain maximum volume

No need to wait until the 4th or even 5th day of wash and go to obtain beautiful volume, nor even necessarily use heat... With the right technique and the right products, you will be able to obtain magnificent volume as soon as you first day.

If you want to know everything about our 7 tips for getting maximum volume , you've come to the right place!

Tip #1: Have a clean and healthy scalp

It all starts from the root ! To obtain beautiful volume, your scalp must be clean and healthy because this can weigh down your hair and make it flat from the roots.

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Tip #2: Have a good hair routine

I know it's a bit confusing, but if your routine doesn't suit your hair's needs, it won't be in great shape. This can have an impact on the final result because your hair will not have had the nutrients it needed during your hair routine. Also favor light styling products because this will weigh down your hair. You can therefore turn to leave-in or hair spray; gel, which will be more in a liquid consistency than thick; a foam .

Tip #3: “Don’t skip your deep conditioning treatment”

The mask , your ally in your hair routine and in your process to obtain incredible volume ! You can neither forget it nor postpone it until next time but be careful, you should not apply the mask at the roots. Favor the lengths and especially the ends . If you apply the mask to your roots, it will considerably weigh them down and therefore, the volume of your hair.

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Tip #4: Use pliers for maximum volume

Once your styling products are applied, use clips that you will place at your roots to lift them. This will allow your hair, when drying, to lift off your scalp and not stick to it.

Tip #5: Dry your hair upside down to maximize volume

If you are using a diffuser with the cool setting , place your head down and dry your hair . This technique is essential in your process to obtain maximum volume ! It works very well because it systematically lifts the roots from the scalp and dries them in this state.

Tip #6: Use an afro comb or wide-tooth comb to achieve maximum volume

Do only when hair is completely dry! Run the comb through your roots very delicately using an upward movement. Don't hesitate to perform this movement with your head down .

Tip #7: The “Pineapple” technique to obtain volume while sleeping

Before you go to bed, grab a satin scrunchie and raise your hair as high as possible . This will prevent any friction with your pillow. Your “ pineapple ” needs to be loose, not tight, as this risks creating creases in your hair. So, the next day, you will obtain volume thanks to this technique which requires no heat . The little extra that also allows you not to lose the hydration that you have given to your hair: tie your hair with a satin scarf and why not, put a satin cover for your pillow !

Watch the video of the beautiful Mymou who explains how to do this technique.
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