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Green algae, spirulina: benefits for hair

Green algae , often unknown to the general public, prove to be real allies for hair health. Their exceptional nutritional power offers a natural solution to revitalize, strengthen and abov...

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10 easy-to-find ingredients for DIY hair

DIY recipes that are easy, effective, and whose ingredients are super easy to find? We all dream of it! We have selected for you a list of ten top ingredients for hair... which are easily found in...

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The benefits of tea on hair

For 5,000 years, tea has been consumed mainly in China and Japan for its medicinal properties. In addition to its health benefits, it is also known to heal hair. It helps fight against oxidation an...

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How to have beautiful skin for summer?

Aaaah the sun, the heat, the tanned skin and the long days by the pool! Summer is coming slowly but surely and to welcome it with perfect skin , clear skin full of vitality, we have to prepare it! ...

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The benefits of rosemary for hair

We know rosemary well as the plant used in cooking to flavor and bring sunshine ☀️ to your dishes. In reality, rosemary is much more than a plant to enhance your pasta and herbal teas ! Coming f...

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The benefits of corn starch

In our series of DIY by Madame la Présidence , this week, we are telling you the secrets of this white, silky and natural powder to maintain beautiful skin as well as beautiful hair. Do you know w...

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The benefits of avocado: create buzz with Carbi B’s DIY

If one day we had told you: between Jamy and Cardi B , there is only one would have replied: Um really? This is all our strength at Madam President . In one week, we take the science t...

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White clay and its benefits

White clay, the powder with many benefits The dream for all women is to find a cosmetic product with a thousand and one facets, which we can use for different parts of our body . The Graal ! Whi...

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The different benefits of Turmeric

The different benefits of Turmeric In your kitchen there are treasures for both our body and our mind. Without forgetting that these spices are excellent in our little dishes! So, no need to go...

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The benefits of shea butter on hair

The benefits of shea butter Shea butter is one of the products used most by African women and today, it is very popular among women, children and men. From Mali to Burkina Faso, countless ethn...

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The perfect DIY for a luminous complexion like the sun!

The perfect DIY for a luminous complexion like the sun! Have you tried patches , scrubs , exfoliants but nothing works... the blackheads persist, the pores of your skin are clogged an...

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Foods for beautiful hair

What foods to have beautiful hair? If you are reading this article, it is because you too want dream hair without using products that are potentially harmful to your health. ...

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Green clay, against oily hair

Green clay, a fatal weapon against oily hair! Greasy hair is my, our, your worst nightmare... Since your dear and tender adolescence, (this is generally the time when hormones start to run wild...

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How to remove dandruff?

We can all experience dandruff at some point. The embarrassment that results from this is not imaginary but very real. They generally occur when cells renew themselves too much and unevenly ...

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4 French brands that we love

4 French brands that we love Because we have everything we need in France and these brands are full of creativity to offer quality products, here is our small selection of 4 French brands that we...

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When and why should you do a protein treatment?

When and why should you do protein treatments? Protein-based hair treatments have been on the rise in recent years. Thanks to their multiple advantages, these treatments are attracting more and...

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9 tips to protect your hair in winter

Winter is coming and you need to find tips to protect your hair! You don't know how to go about it so that this year you have perfect hair and a perfectly healthy scalp? Don't panic, you've come t...

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Add volume to fine hair naturally

Do you have fine hair and tend to say that it is “strappy” (to stay polished)? In this case, this article is for you! If you find that the volume of your fine hair leaves something to be desired, ...