4 natural ingredients to moisturize your hair

hydrater ses cheveux naturellement avec Madame La Présidente

Moisturizing your hair is often a headache. However, it is essential! Poorly hydrated hair will be dry, rough, dry, split ends... In short, not ideal! What if we told you that you have everything you need in your kitchen to avoid these inconveniences? We regularly talk to you about aloe vera gel, compote, yogurt... But certain dry foods also have moisturizing properties! Here we go to take stock of 4 natural ingredients to moisturize your hair!

natural ingredients moisturize hair madame la presidente

Moisturize your hair with oat cream

oats oat cream natural ingredients moisturize hair madame la presidente

First of our 4 natural ingredients to moisturize your hair: oats. Moisturizing, detangling, softening, strengthening, sheathing, soothing... Oats are a magical cereal! You have obviously heard of oat cream, an essential part of natural cosmetics. No ? We'll give you the recipe right away!

Heat water in a clean saucepan and add oatmeal. The proportions: 1 tablespoon of flakes for 10 cl of water . Let heat for 15 to 20 minutes, stirring regularly, until the texture is homogeneous and gelatinous like cream. When the texture suits you, filter (using a sieve for example) and pour the cream into a clean, airtight jar. Let it cool: your moisturizer/conditioner/leave-in/mask is ready! Yes, oat cream is multifunctional!

If you want to see what it should look like, go watch the UnivHair Soleil video!

Your cream can be kept for 5 days in the fridge... But given all its uses, we have no doubt that you will finish it on time!

The bonus? You can use cooked and filtered oats to make porridge! This cereal is super rich in minerals: pure joy! Don’t hesitate to add a touch of cinnamon or chocolate for more deliciousness!

In addition to its benefits for hair and health, oats are also excellent for the skin: do not hesitate to apply your oat cream to your face for a luminous complexion and soft, hydrated and soothed skin. If you are a fan of baths, immerse 100 g of oatmeal in your bath (encase them in nylon stockings for example) to fully benefit from their benefits. With this, itching, irritation and other eczemas will be quickly eliminated!

Flax seeds, one of the essential natural ingredients to moisturize curly, frizzy and frizzy hair

flax seeds flax gel natural ingredients moisturize hair madame la presidente

Another natural ingredient essential for hydrating your hair: flaxseed. If you have curly, frizzy or afro hair, you have inevitably heard of it for its action on curl definition. But don't panic, this treasure of nature is also ideal for straight hair... In fact, it is great for all hair types, from the straightest to the frizziest, thanks to its moisturizing and repairing properties. Better yet, flax seeds have little-known effects on stimulating growth and reducing shedding. Do you want to take advantage of it? We understand you! Here is the recipe for the famous flax gel.

Half a glass of flax seeds for two glasses of water: that's all you'll need! Boil everything for about 10 minutes, until the texture gels (it should be viscous, a bit like aloe vera). Filter, put it all in an airtight container and presto , in the fridge for a week! If you have too much, don't hesitate to use it on your skin: it will thank you!

A dab on the roots or lengths to refresh curls or give a boost of pep, as a mask, as a conditioner, etc. Let your imagination run wild, linen gel can be used very easily!

We also don't hesitate to consume flax seeds in our diet! Flax is not only a great natural ingredient to moisturize your hair, but also a super food. Rich in vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, E) and minerals, it is very good for the body. Thus, their benefits on cholesterol and the digestive and cardiovascular systems are no longer to be proven! Don't wait any longer to make it your new must have !

Cornstarch mask to purify and moisturize hair with natural ingredients

cornstarch mask cornstarch natural ingredients moisturize hair madame la presidente

When we talk about natural ingredients to moisturize our hair, cornstarch is not the first we think of... And yet! Rich in starches, cornstarch is softening, detangling, strengthening, sheathing, cleansing, nourishing and moisturizing... In short, used as a mask, it is a real ally for the hair. Don't wait any longer, let's get to the recipe!

Here again, super easy: 1 glass of water for a tablespoon of cornstarch (the best known being that of the Maïzena brand). Here again, heat in a saucepan, mixing until you obtain a viscous and homogeneous paste. Then transfer to a clean, airtight container: your mask is ready to use. Crazy Sally made you a great video on the making and effects of this great mask!

Used twice a week for 1 to 3 hours, it will strengthen the hair and thus reduce hair loss. Cornstarch also absorbs excess sebum, thus reducing oily hair problems… and dandruff linked to excess sebum (but dandruff can have other causes). To double its effects, do not hesitate to combine it with aloe vera gel (3 tablespoons of aloe vera for one tablespoon of cornstarch mask): intense hydration guaranteed!

Rice: one of the natural ingredients that everyone has in their kitchen to moisturize their hair

rice water natural ingredients moisturize hair madame la presidente

Here we are at the last of our four natural ingredients to moisturize your hair: rice! Eh yes ! We all have it in our kitchen, it is our essential “end of drawers” ​​just after the famous buttered pasta… And it has unsuspected benefits for our hair! Excellent for the skin, rice water (yes yes, the cooking water that you always throw away) soothes irritation, itching, eczema, acne, sunburn... In short, it has virtues impressively soothing. And who says soothing of the skin, says soothing of the scalp (goodbye to dandruff), and we love that! Its richness in starch also makes it a dream treatment to strengthen the hair, make it shiny and revitalize it. Its regular use even reduces hair loss!

The recipe for rice water? Cook your rice in a large volume of water, filter: it's ready. Of course, let it cool well, you don't want to scald it! You can use it immediately, or let your water macerate for a few days. It can be applied as a pre-shampoo treatment (spray the water on your scalp and lengths, then leave on for 30 minutes to 1 hour) or as a conditioner (in rinsing water for example, leave on for 10 minutes before rinse with clean water).

The bonus? She fights against lice! We don't ask for more!

No more “moisturizing” treatments that are too expensive and whose composition is crap! With our ultra-quick DIYs, your hair will be hydrated forever... With 100% natural ingredients!

And for a little hair boost, don't hesitate to turn to Madam President treatments: food supplements , anti-hair loss serum , active regrowth roll-on , we have everything you need for the health of your hair!

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