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Trendy hairstyles for terraces: advice and DIY

Les coiffures tendances pour les terrasses : conseils et DIY

Summer is upon us, the terraces have reopened: let's give them a warm welcome! But be careful, there is no way it will damage our hair as usual. This time we will be ready, properly prepared with homemade moisturizers, natural colors and trendy cuts and hairstyles for the terraces, which neither the heat nor the sea salt will be able to reach!

madame la presidente summer trendy hairstyles

Maintain your natural color to go on the terrace without any hassle

Your natural color is the easiest to maintain. But we understand your irrepressible desire to change your look and adopt a color that will highlight your complexion when the sun's rays shine on you. But preserving the health of your hair is essential. Therefore, say STOP to chemical colors which damage hair fibers with large amounts of harmful substances. We favor naturalness, and for that, there is nothing like henna !

Natural henna dye

madame presidente henna natural coloring

Natural henna, or “lawsonia inermis”, is a powder used to color hair without damaging it. Better yet, it provides deep care to the hair fiber. The shades of henna oscillate between copper and red, passing through a deep and sublime mahogany. You can also mix henna with other powders from plants to create natural plant colors with different shades. As for neutral henna, it allows you to very lightly color light hair. Its interest is rather to strengthen and coat the hair.

Once you have your natural henna powder, you will need to add hot water (not boiling, be careful!) to benefit from the coloring and powers of this product. To mix, use a wooden spoon and then apply the paste to your washed, still wet but towel-dried hair. Then, wrap them in cling film (or, better, in a heating cap!) before leaving for thirty minutes to several hours, depending on the desired result. Finally, rinse thoroughly, without shampooing. Tadaaaaam! All you have to do is enhance it with your favorite trendy hairstyle to go on the terrace!

Be careful not to use oil with henna: fatty substances block the proper absorption of the color. Likewise, you must determine the right pause time to obtain the color you want, taking into account the initial color! And even though it is a natural product, you should not overload the hair or apply several layers of henna. In short, for the first time, don't hesitate to contact your favorite natural hairdresser!

Trendy cuts and hairstyles to shine on the terraces

Trendy cuts and hairstyles for the reopening of the terraces: make way for Mousy Hair and natural coloring for a bohemian summer just the way we like it!

The key cuts of the year Madame la presidente summer cut 2021 trend

What are the trendy cuts during this period of reopening of the terraces? This year, the square is back in force, especially the short and voluminous square. We can also bet on the shag cut, a real little revolution that lasts. Unstructured, tapered and layered, this cut is made for thick and difficult to tame hair (perfect for putting an end to three-hour fights in the bathroom). In addition, it requires little maintenance, what a godsend! In addition, the pixie cut will be all the rage on the beaches and does not seem ready to leave its place.

Finally, the trend is giving way to XXL hair, very long, a bit like Barbie... minus the stereotypes. We owe this phenomenon to successive confinements during which hairdressers were closed: we made do with what we had and, sometimes, the best thing is to do nothing!

Trendy hairstyles to adopt when going to terraces

As for trendy hairstyles for terraces, we opt for braids, timeless and practical, easy for all hair types. Frizzy, curly, curly, straight hair: there is something for everyone. Of course, vanilla girls and headbands will also be welcome to enjoy the beach without having their hair in their eyes!

Another cult summer hairstyle: Mermaid Hair , great for straight and wavy hair! We love mermaid hair for which you will need a straightener or a three-head curling iron: but be careful, always in moderation (as a reminder, heating appliances are your hair's worst enemies)!

You can also choose a vintage blow dry straight out of the 1970s, which is also all the rage! Retro, glamorous, voluminous... It's a must have for this summer 2021. Of course, other cuts will stand out on the beach: what is your favorite?

hairstyles summer 2021 trend madame la presidente

Mousy Hair: the trendy summer coloring

On the verge of dethroning balayage, the trend is Mousy Hair ! Neither brunette, nor blonde, and even less “bronde”, this hair trend is fashionable and highlights the hair with a subtle play of light. Unlike classic coloring, Mousy Hair offers a natural result that completely transforms the hair. This coloring technique is winning all the votes for this summer! It takes up the codes of classic balayage, with work from strand to strand which offers a luminous effect which lightens considerably... A bit like the sun makes hair blond.

Only, Mousy Hair has something different (otherwise we would just call it “balayage”, right?). It emphasizes reflections that are difficult to perceive with the naked eye. It is therefore a very subtle coloring that looks like sunbathing for the hair... In other words , totally suitable for returning to the terrace .

Mousy Hair works with all haircuts, making it a universal hair color. Ideally, it is applied to long hair in order to be able to appreciate all its nuances. But if you have a short bob, it also offers a very nice effect.

mousy hair madame la presidente hairstyles trends summer

Our DIYs to protect hair in summer

What are the best DIY homemade recipes to repair damaged hair and protect it from heat, sand, sea water and the sun's rays? Madam President has the answer!

Preventing and treating hair dehydration

In summer, the risk is above all to see the hair dehydrate under the effects of the sun, but also because of the heat, sand, salt or chlorine from the swimming pool. More than ever, they need to be protected and fed. With this little recipe, you can give them the protection they deserve and all the hydration they need.

To hydrate the hair and protect it, there's nothing like a mask with aloe and vegetable oil! Aloe vera gel will facilitate the absorption of oil by damaged hair, which will be deeply nourished and hydrated. Mix one to three spoons of aloe vera gel, depending on the length of your hair, and the same amount of a nourishing vegetable oil of your choice. If you wish, you can add rosemary essential oil, known to strengthen hair. Apply this mask to damp hair, before shampooing. Then, leave it on for around thirty minutes before washing your hair generously.

Lemon and olive oil to make your hair shine

On the terrace, the sun's rays shine on healthy hair. However, dry and damaged hair appears dull at the beach. To avoid this, you can mix a spoonful of olive oil with a spoonful of lemon juice and an egg yolk. Then, apply this delicious mixture to your properly detangled hair and leave for ten minutes under a hot towel before shampooing.

Coconut oil: your best ally on the terrace

Coconut oil is your best ally on the terrace, whether for the skin or the hair! Extremely oily, nourishing, rich in fatty acids and vitamins... It has everything you need to enhance your hair. Moreover, it also offers them increased protection against the sun's rays! The recipe for this DIY mask will be ideal for all hair types. Especially for damaged hair that needs to be repaired.

Melt a little coconut oil (two tablespoons are enough) with three drops of ylang-ylang essential oil, in a bowl of hot water. Apply this mixture to your hair strand by strand, taking care to distribute the oil evenly over your hair fibers, but without using too much. Then cover your head with a towel to retain heat and let it rest for a good hour. Then, rinse your hair before shampooing.

coconut oil hair summer repair madame la presidente

On the terrace and throughout the summer, hair needs to be protected, and often repaired. For this, Madam President is taking deep action! Certain products will help you protect your hair and limit hair loss, such as Resolution N°1 , rich in 18 essential nutrients. You can also opt for our Resolution N°2 detox tea, perfect if summer damages your scalp and causes dandruff. Finally, if you want to boost the growth of your hair to adopt your favorite summer trendy hairstyles, you will have to choose our Hair Boost gummies... Or Mama if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. And because the beard also suffers in summer, Monsieur will give it everything it needs to stay healthy!

And we didn't tell you that? Resolution No. 4 , our active regrowth roll-on is again available for pre-order! Go for it!

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