Fight against electric hair

Lutter contre les cheveux électriques Madame La Présidente

Electric hair is a scourge: it keeps coming back, even when you think you've found a solution! Many factors favor this phenomenon, and knowing them allows you to repel static electricity... Madam President de-electrifies your hair and offers you all her tips, tested and validated by us. On the way to fight against electric hair!

fight electric hair solutions madam president

Understanding electric hair to fight against it

To understand electric hair, a little physics and chemistry is necessary. I promise, no need to go back to class to figure out the problem! To put it simply, the phenomenon is linked to static electricity: identical electric charges oppose each other and opposite charges attract. As with magnets, some come together and others repel each other.

Your hair has a charge attracted by external elements and repelled by others. A sweater, a hairbrush, a maid: there are many troublemakers.

The easiest experiment to reproduce is that of the rule. Rub a plastic ruler on a wool sweater, then bring it close to the hair. These are attracted by the rule: the positive charges created by friction attract the negative charges of the hair. Generally, hair loses its charge quickly. But certain elements sometimes prevent them from completely discharging and then it's a disaster!

Why do we have electric hair?

The most fragile hair is long hair, whether straight, curly, frizzy or frizzy, especially with layered cuts. There are many factors that can make them electric.

Dry air causes electric hair

The most common cause of electric hair is dry air. The latter prevents the charge in the hair from being dispersed in the air, and the hair therefore becomes even more charged.

This phenomenon is amplified in winter, when the air is much drier and contains much less ambient humidity (heating, very cold air, etc.).

Different electroactive materials

The materials you wear have a huge impact on the static electricity in your hair. Whether they attract your hair with their charge or on the contrary charge it with electricity, your outfits risk mistreating your hairstyle. Plastic and synthetic are the most electrifying materials for hair. Wool also loads them, especially with friction.

Friction: static electricity factor

We were just talking about it: the more you rub your hair, the more static electricity builds up. Who has never had the juice when taking off a turtleneck sweater? The friction from the clothes you put on or take off charges your hair. But that's not all ! Rubbing your clothes against another material, like a sofa for example, also creates a significant load which attracts your hair. Finally, friction during repeated styling, especially with a comb or plastic brush, amplifies the phenomenon of electric hair.

fight electric hair solutions sweater madame la president

Fragile hair is more easily electrical

Unhealthy hair will be more likely to suffer the effects of static electricity. Whether due to lack of hydration, weakened cuticles or deterioration of the scalp, fragile hair is more prone to becoming electrified. So take good care of it!

Unsuitable products cause electric hair

The use of certain products attacks the hair and creates all the conditions favorable to electric hair. Certain shampoos, for example, can dehydrate the hair and give it an acidic pH. It will then take charge more easily than healthy hair, treated with care using quality products.

What to do to combat electric hair?

If you have understood the phenomenon and its multiple reasons, perhaps you can already imagine some solutions? Otherwise, don't worry! We explain everything you need to know to fight against electric hair!

Everyday actions to combat electric hair

Every day, adopt the right actions to eliminate the burden from your hair.

First of all: moisturize your hair well. Indeed, healthy hair resists all external aggressions, including static electricity. There are many products that will help your hair tone up. But also remember to hydrate yourself deeply: 1.5 liters of water per day! Indeed, if your body lacks water, your hair will tend to be drier... And electric!

Don't hesitate to humidify your interior: air humidifier, wet laundry... This way, you will fight against electric hair at the roots: no more dry air.

Finally, last solution: tie your hair. Well, it's not always what you want, but it works! If your hair stays tied up, it won't charge as much as if it were loose and therefore will be less electric.

fight electric hair solutions tie madam president

The key word: gentleness

Gentleness is the key to fighting electric hair, all day long!

  • Avoid repeated friction during shampooing. Go about it delicately! We always want to go fast, but our hair likes tenderness.

  • Rinse your hair with cold (or lukewarm) water. Yes, it's difficult, but it's beneficial because it also adds shine to the hair.

  • Limit intensive brushing, especially with the hair dryer... In fact, limit the hair dryer and all other heating appliances. If you can't do without it, choose cold air, which lasts longer but is much less aggressive.

  • Restyle your hair with a few drops of water to reduce static electricity.

fight electric hair solutions accessory madame la preisdente

Choosing the right accessories to combat electric hair

As you will have understood, it is crucial to limit the use of heating appliances so as not to dry out or overload the hair!

Also choose a brush or comb made of wood or boar hair for example, to avoid plastic.

Also wear silk or satin clothes: shirt, scarf, etc. Anything that can come into contact with your hair. For even more efficiency, you can even use these materials for your pillowcases.

Madam President accessory

The ultimate trick to combat electric hair

Here is the last tip which rewards those who have read the article to the end. Indeed, there is a tip that works every time: just magnetize your hands !

It's very simple: dip your hand in water and follow your hair without touching it. Go through several times, as if you were styling your hair, quite slowly. Water near the hair will absorb the charges and cause the static electricity to evaporate. Hop, no more electric hair!

In short, electric hair is a nuisance, we all know that. Knowing the reasons allows us to best combat this phenomenon. To put it simply: take care of your hair and keep it in great shape! For that, Madam President is here! Our food supplements will help you deeply nourish your hair. And we have something for everyone!

Resolution No. 1 for large budgets, Hair boost for gourmets, Monsieur for men (beard and hair in great shape), Mama for pregnant and breastfeeding women... And even Little President , for children from 4 to 15 years old!

So, do you still have questions?
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