What hair routine for my nappy hair?

Quelle routine capillaire pour mes cheveux nappy ?

To have beautiful hair, you must first learn to know it. But we all know that frizzy hair requires special attention in terms of care. Your hair routine will therefore depend on the texture of your hair, its degree of curl and its length, but also on your lifestyle. To find out everything about your mane, follow the guide!

What to do when shampooing?

We spoke to you a few weeks ago about how to choose the right shampoo . This week, let's focus more specifically on a current trend: natural hair. ?

Good news ! Dry hair does not need to be washed often because its shape prevents dirt from clinging to it.

Before taking a shower, start by moisturizing your hair . Use a hydrating spray: its light mist helps to lightly rehydrate the hair without wetting it.

When shampooing , go low-poo : listen to your hair and only wash it if necessary.
It is also important to use gentle products. Generally we make two shampoos, a clarifying one and a moisturizing one. The clarifying agent will rid the hair of residue , pollution , dead skin and excess sebum . While moisturizing shampoo, gentler with less detergent, has nourishing agents to begin to rebalance the fiber and soften it.

Try to read the instructions for your shampoos carefully to avoid those that contain alcohol and silicone (sodium laureth and lauryl sulfates). Little hint: the more foam you use, the worse it is…

Finally, always finish your ritual with a conditioner that will moisturize, repair and facilitate detangling of your mane . Little tip: for dry to very dry hair, we will favor masks and creams which are more nourishing.

How to style them without damaging them?

After shampooing, dry your hair properly using a microfiber towel which absorbs water more quickly (ideal for those who are in a hurry!).

To properly detangle them, two instruments: a wide-toothed comb (or a suitable brush) and your fingers.
Rule among rules: NEVER handle your hair dry, to avoid any breakage.

It is then preferable to braid your hair (yes yes!) or better, make vanilla! Unlike braids, they are made and undone quickly and are less likely to damage the hair.
This tip will allow you to get beautiful curls when you wake up. ⏰

Before sleeping, don't forget to cover your hair with a silk or satin scarf. Unlike cotton, these two materials do not absorb moisture from the hair.

What to do the next morning?

Start by removing your silk scarf then melt a knob of butter or vegetable oil in your hand (distribute the dose evenly over the palms and fingers) then untie the vanilla. The butter will deposit an additional protective film on the hair and give it a slight shine.

And here you are with a magnificent “twist-out”!

⚠️ Warning: to keep your mane healthy, it is not recommended to perform a "twist-out"
every evening !

Bonus: A homemade yogurt and coconut milk mask

Coconut milk used in cooking is one of the particularly effective products for taking care of frizzy hair. To make this homemade mask, mix 20 cl of coconut milk with natural yogurt.

Apply to all hair and leave on for 15 minutes before rinsing well.
Natural and effective, this mask will deeply nourish your hair! ?

To nourish your hair from the inside, nothing better than a 3-month treatment with Resolution N°1
In addition to making them stronger and healthier, this nutritional compliment will promote their growth!
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