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Taking care of your hair during pregnancy

Prendre soin de ses cheveux pendant la grossesse

During pregnancy, hair changes. Most of us are lucky to have hair that is denser, less greasy, easier to comb, more beautiful, in short: radiant with life. Unfortunately, it is sometimes the opposite for some unlucky women who experience a loss of volume, health and shine. How to pamper them properly? Madam President tells you everything.

Hair care to adopt

Whether your hair is sublimated or exhausted , the different changes that occur during pregnancy require a change in your care routine.

And just because they look healthier doesn't mean you should forget to take care of them! Choose your treatments according to the nature of your hair (see our article choosing the right shampoo ). Shea butter for dry hair , gentle masks to calm the sebaceous glands of oily hair which produce excess sebum. Also choose very gentle treatments if you have normal hair.

Opt for a gentle shampoo that is as natural as possible , to be done every two days to strengthen the shine of the hair. Then apply a detangling conditioner, this will make styling easier. Then, once a week, make a hydrating mask. And don't forget to rinse your hair well, finishing with cold water for maximum shine.

Don't hesitate to have your hair cut if you want to, this will strengthen it and regain volume, then opt for air drying. And then, a new haircut is always good for morale!

Watch out for deficiencies

Hair is a good indicator of general health. Often, when we have deficiencies, stress or fatigue , we quickly observe hair that becomes limp or falls out in masses . During pregnancy, these effects are less visible, but that doesn't mean everything is perfect.


Of course, you suspect that pregnancy and coloring do not go well together! Whatever happens, it is better to avoid applying any chemical products when you are pregnant (and even when you are not!) . So we move on to organic or homemade cosmetics!

If you wish to have a color and after discussion with your gynecologist, he has no objections, it is better to entrust your head to a hairdresser, telling him that you are pregnant. Thus, he will be able to carry out the dosages accordingly and use vegetable colorings, which are less aggressive. Be careful though, because during pregnancy, hair can react in strange ways, with sometimes surprising color results (and not in a good way).

In any case, avoid multiple treatments, because they weaken the hair fiber , and you risk ending up with damaged hair after childbirth. Above all, be sure to take care of colored hair.

After pregnancy

We don't think much about it, but it can be wise to anticipate the almost inevitable postpartum hair loss during pregnancy! Yes, when pregnancy hormone levels drop, their benefits fall with them.

Don't panic, it's normal and very common. Things usually return to normal within a few weeks, sometimes a few months if you're breastfeeding.

That said, to limit breakage upstream, do regular hair scrubs : the more your scalp is stimulated, the more it provides fertile ground for your hair, which will not want to break down.

Once baby is in arms and breastfeeding is over, take a 3-month course of Resolution No. 1 to help them get through the hormonal upheaval! Your hair, skin and nails will thank you!

Up to you !

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