Oil baths: kesaco?

Les bains d'huile : késaco ?

In recent years, oil baths have been essential when it comes to hair care. If this term seems a little scary at first, rest assured, it's not about plunging your head into a deep fryer! ? But then, what does the oil bath really consist of?
If the idea is not to pour our dear bottle of Isio 4 oil on our hair, the principle remains to soak your mane with vegetable oil in order to provide it with deep care.
After finding the oil(s) that match your hair type, carefully apply oil to dry hair , paying particular attention to the lengths. However, don't forget your scalp! It is not obligatory to apply it from the roots, but know that a good massage will nourish your hair more and allow the oils to directly stimulate growth (just that?).
Leave on for at least 30 minutes so that the oil has time to penetrate properly; If you have time on your hands, a whole night or a whole day is ideal. If you don't want your other half to run away at the sight of your shiny hair, you can wrap a turban on your head: style guaranteed!

How to choose the right oil?

There are a number of different oils on the market, all you have to do is find yours! To help you in your quest, here are the top 5 of our favorite oils:
Coconut oil : this oil with multiple benefits can be suitable for all hair types. Very fine, it penetrates directly into the fiber and nourishes them intensely (and its smell is to die for!). Choose it organic and preferably virgin in order to guarantee good quality and therefore better efficiency?.
Note: coconut oil solidifies when the temperature is below 25°C, don't panic! Simply run your pot under hot water for a few minutes, or heat it directly, its properties will not be altered.

Castor oil : rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, it is the ideal oil to strengthen, strengthen and stimulate the growth of hair, but also nails and eyelashes. Its thick texture can sometimes make rinsing difficult, which is why it is better to mix it with another thinner oil? Nothing better to restore volume and body to tired hair!

Black cumin oil : we can no longer count the virtues of black cumin oil (also known as black cumin oil), which the Egyptians have already been using for centuries. Carotene, mineral salts, vitamins, trace elements, so many good things that help fight dandruff, strengthen the scalp and soften the hair. Hats off !

Avocado oil : just like castor oil, avocado is rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, particularly well absorbed by our scalp. It stimulates growth, calms itching, and restores strength and shine to hair. This oil is a friend to fragile hair and sensitive scalps!

Jojoba oil : Originally from North America, jojoba oil contains many vitamins and nutrients necessary for maintaining healthy hair: vitamins B, E, zinc, silicon, copper, myristic acid, etc. which provide deep hydration, prevent hair loss and revitalize the scalp. To try it is to adopt it !

A few things to know before you get started

• Do not overuse oil baths! While they are an excellent natural way to take care of your mane, doing them too often risks clogging the hair and making it heavier. Hydrate yes, but in just the right amount!
• Adopt the right rinse : start by using lukewarm or hot water in order to open the hair scales and eliminate excess oil more quickly. Then, use a mild shampoo! We often tend to believe that “detergent” shampoos are the solution to rinsing oil, this is false! You can repeat the washing operation if you feel that your hair is not yet properly cleaned, but gentleness is the key word? If you want to know how to choose the right shampoo, you can consult our article on the subject here .
• Remember to brush your hair before applying the oil, this will facilitate its penetration and prevent tangles!

You now know everything about oil baths! So, are you ready to try?

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