Why do we lose our hair in autumn?

Pourquoi perd-on nos cheveux en automne ?

Autumn is now well established and your hair is falling at the same rate as the leaves on the trees? On the brush, the pillow, the clothes, in the bathtub or the sink, they lie everywhere, it seems like there isn't one that wants to stay in place on your head! Madam President, can you explain how to resolve this problem ?

Some women barely notice it, others dread the agonizing ordeal of the brush every morning. Although this phenomenon may seem worrying, it is actually completely natural.

These falls can simply be explained by hormonal variations caused by seasonal changes. Which explains why we women are more subject to these variations and lose more hair than men. The bulbs are very sensitive to these hormonal changes, which accelerates the hair dying phase. But rest assured, even if each person reacts differently to this upheaval, it often doesn't last more than a month or two!

However, there are other causes of hair loss: weight loss, pregnancy or stress can also explain this loss. You should therefore carefully examine your scalp when you feel like you are losing a lot of hair, without forgetting that you lose between 100 and 150 hairs every day. In other words, as long as your hair doesn't really lose volume, this means that it continues to renew itself.

Not enough to tear your hair out after all ?

Three little tips to combat this seasonal fall:

B vitamins: they play an important role in the renewal of hair follicles. Bananas , eggs , prunes , carrots and even mushrooms will help you stock up on vitamins and rebalance your hair cycle (and what's more, it will help you stock up on energy this season!). ?

Food supplements: obviously, the health of our hair begins on our plates and supplements are super effective at this time of year! Our secret to boosting your mane: Resolution No. 1 , its complete formula contains all the vitamins and minerals it needs!

Essential oils: In addition to smelling good, each essential oil has a particular property, which will allow you to adapt your treatment to the problem of your hair! Before shampooing, mix two drops of essential oils with a spoonful of vegetable oil and gently massage the scalp .

Bay Saint Thomas essential oil keeps the scalp healthy and peppermint essential oil decongests blocked noses but also stimulates blood circulation to the scalp.

But the essential oils of ginger , very effective against hair loss, rosemary (which gives them a lot of vitality), lemon, juniper, geranium and grapefruit are also very effective! With all this choice, you will find the right shoe for you! (or rather hat for your head?).

Thank you Madam President!
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