4 tips for maintaining your hair quickly

4 conseils pour entretenir ses cheveux rapidement

In the hubbub of our routine, we forget to take care of our hair properly. However, there are basic actions that should not be neglected on a daily basis, which will save the life of your dear mane!

We tell you everything!

Number one: In the shower!

Getting in the shower is the perfect time to get rid of excess sebum and accumulated dust and restore freshness to our hair .

We can never tell you enough, a gentle shampoo adapted to your hair type is essential!

Prefer a shampoo without silicones and parabens.

The ideal is to have a shampoo tailor-made to your needs > This is where it happens !

We advise you to massage your scalp using gentle circular movements to gently cleanse your roots. DO NOT RUB HARDLY NO NO NO! You risk promoting excess sebum .

Concerning the lengths , they do not necessarily need to be cleaned with each shampoo, otherwise they risk drying out.

Just apply your conditioner to the lengths, it will be more than enough!

Little reminder: No need to wash your hair every day , it will only get greasy faster.

2 to 3 washes per week are more than enough!

If you are a hair washing addict, we advise you to use a dry shampoo, which will help you space out shampoos!

In this article on volume, you will find a recipe for homemade dry shampoo?

Drying !

We are no exception to the rule, and we tell you like everyone else that heating devices such as hair dryers, straighteners, and other curlers are not our hair's best friends.

Use them as little as possible, otherwise you will see your mane dry out very quickly and suffocate in the heat.

Technique by Madam President ; wrap an old cotton t-shirt around your head after getting out of the shower and leave it on for 10-15 minutes before letting your mane dry in the open air.

Avoid using a towel which will tend to absorb the benefits of the care provided during the shower, and to keep the scales open.


Brush your hair with a boar hair comb . Thanks to their keratin content, boar hair will soften your hair and regulate your sebum, avoiding oily roots and dry ends. Hey hey, the ideal comb!

Be careful, many combs are advertised as being made of boar hair but are not!

Before you go to sleep, put your hair in a bun. The ideal is to rest your pretty, full head on a silk or satin pillowcase!

To do list!

On a daily basis, if you have dry hair, a dab of dry oil on your ends will restore its softness.

On the contrary, if you have oily hair , avoid weighing it down and use an organic styling mousse.

You now have all the little tips to adopt on a daily basis!

Remember that a mask on your lengths will only do your hair good.

Try to do at least every two weeks to restore shine and vitality to your lengths!

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