Idées coiffures

The 5 trendy short cuts for summer

Les 5 coupes courtes tendances pour l'été

Summer is approaching, and so is the heat... Long hair is beautiful, but damn, it's so hot!
The time has come to give ourselves a new look by shortening our mane! The good news is that short hair is THE trend of the season, whatever your hair type?
We decipher for you 5 short cuts that make you want to take the plunge and grab your pair of scissors!

The boyish bowl : it is very likely that you have already seen this cut when looking at old family photos…. Your parents hated it, we love it! This assertive style, totally retro and “ tomboy” spirit

Shaved head (or almost) : certainly, this cut is definitely not the easiest to wear, but it is proof that you can be beautiful and feminine

The long wavy bob : cut just above the shoulders, the slightly wavy hair looks like it says “I stood up like that”? This cut is suitable for straight, curly or wavy hair

The short bob : it structures the face and brings softness and femininity. Most ? Its little vintage look

Now that you know the short haircut trends, are you ready to take the plunge? ?

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