100% well-being natural beauty event

Evènement beauté naturelle 100 % bien-être

women's event dedicated to natural beauty

You have a thousand things to do but none concern your well-being? Do you remember, with nostalgia, this period when taking care of yourself was a priority and not a luxury? Do you dream of a moment just for you - and your friends -, during which you will be taken care of (for a change)?

A time when lots of professionals would be there to pamper you from head to toe?

Meriem & Odile, creators of Beauté Canapé, have organized it for you!

They have imagined an event which would bring together the best players in natural and organic beauty , at your service for 2.5 hours in a mystery location in Paris (the location is announced to you one week before the event for the surprise effect!).

The conductor is you! Wander through the different rooms of the apartment to discover the fifteen workshops that we have put together for you (individual or in a small group), and take part in the workshops as you wish, in an ultra- friendly and relaxing atmosphere!


On the program for the first edition:

      • Image coach by Amad'style

      • Skin care / makeup preparation workshop by oOlution

      • DIY hair mask by Madam President

      • Kobido massage by Malika from Instants Zen

      • Scalp and back massage by Les Jardins d'Assiya with Fadma

      • Makeup by Irisé Paris

      • Application of green varnish by Pearl Beauty Concept

      • Hand scrub and massage with Korosol & Madagas'Care

      • Individual or group photo shoot by Hanan Ouldrabia

      • Hair diagnosis by My hair box

      • Sophrology by Stephanie

      • Slow wear workshop by Marie & Marie

      • Anti-aging facial treatment by Cap Beauty Cosmetics with Laura

      • Eyelash extensions with Marilyn

      • Scarf workshop “for dummies” by Ohea Créations with Mohéna

      • Back massage by KS'thétique with Kady

We look forward to meeting you!

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