The Madam President Anti-Hair Loss range is expanding

La gamme Anti-chute Madame la Présidente s'agrandit
You asked us for them so much that we couldn't turn a deaf ear! Today and because Madam President is growing alongside you, we have decided to expand the anti-hair loss range.

We are therefore happy to present to you the new products Madam President : A shampoo and a mask which will help you fight against hair loss , strengthen it and nourish it . Two new Resolutions, just for you!

Resolution no. 5 - My strengthening and anti-hair loss shampoo to strengthen the scalp and slow down hair loss. Resolution n°6 - My nutri-active mask for deep treatment of dry and dull hair.

This ideal duo is a must-have in your hair routine!

New products Madam President shampoo Resolution n°5

Why bring out a shampoo and a mask to expand the anti-hair loss range Madam President?

Hair loss affects absolutely everyone: woman or man, there is nothing to do about it! Hair loss can be due to many factors: alopecia , thinning of the hair fiber , stress , baldness , poor diet and in some cases, it is a question of hereditary genes.

According to the IFOP survey , three out of four French people say they lose a lot of hair. Added to this is the fact that we lose on average around a hundred hairs per day!

We have therefore decided to expand the Resolution range in order to provide you with an even more complete routine, also containing hair care products to effectively combat hair loss.

Resolution no. 5 - My strengthening and anti-hair loss shampoo

Resolution No. 5 My Fortifying & Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo is a Madam President development designed to strengthen the scalp and slow down hair loss . It will promote anchoring of the hair bulb . Composed with our exclusive Madam President complex based on cinnamon , ginko biloba and kigelia, our shampoo which will act on hair loss and activate hair growth !

Our formula is made up of 95% ingredients of natural origin :

    • Slows down the fall

    • Strengthens the hair bulb

    • Stimulates growth

    • Strengthen the hair

The shampoo is to be applied to wet hair and a simple dab is enough. After a few uses, your hair will be denser , stronger , healthier and hair loss will be slowed . What else do you want ?!

Here is the little extra, a production of products made in France and a variation in 3 versions: straight to wavy hair, curly hair, curly to frizzy hair.

Resolution No. 5 anti-hair loss shampoo for all hair types Madam President

Resolution n°6 - My nutri-active mask

My nutri-active mask - Resolution n°6 is designed to nourish and strengthen your hair . It is a deep treatment for dry and dull hair . Its creamy texture will leave you speechless.

Our formula composed of 97.6% natural origin :

    • Instantly hydrates and conditions hair

    • Repairs hair

    • Deeply nourishes the hair fiber

    • Revitalizes hair health

    • For all hair types!

It is composed of cinnamon, ginko biloba and kigelia. After a few uses, your hair will be softer , easier to comb and healthier .

Nutri-active mask Resolution No. 6 Madam President

And of course, our formulas are always exclusive , vegan , made in France and suitable for all hair types ! We won't tell you about the knock your socks off!

Other products in the anti-hair loss range Madam President

Now that you officially know your new favorite products, don't hesitate to combine them with other Madam President products to combat hair loss:

    • Resolution N°2 , our Hair detox tea, the first in the world, designed to cleanse the scalp and strengthen the hair bulb, thus reducing loss. The icing on the cake is that you can use it in your DIY and hair care projects.

    • Resolution No. 3 , promotes the anchoring of the hair bulb in the scalp. With that, goodbye to fall, hello to density!

    • Resolution N°4 , is a roll-on which promotes the regrowth of thinning areas and activates the blood circulation of the scalp, to restore strength and vitality to the hair.

With this superb routine, your hair will be more beautiful than ever.

So, are you ready to make people jealous?

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