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How to lighten her hair naturally ?

Comment éclaircir ses cheveux naturellement ?


Would you like to go from a dark hair color to a lighter shade? In this case, before considering ultra-aggressive (and sometimes completely failed) chemical bleaching, you should look into the natural solutions available to you. Because yes, it is possible to naturally lighten your hair, using natural and gentle products.

Chemical bleaching: why should you avoid them?

Beyond the fact that the term “chemical” should systematically alert you, chemical discolorations have nothing good to bring you. And this, even if they are only temporary. Indeed, chemical coloring or bleaching is extremely damaging to the hair. The products open the hair scales and weaken them for the long term. Although these techniques are effective, they nonetheless remain invasive for our hair, from root to tip. The scalp can also suffer. As for the result, it is not always very natural, which is a real shame for the price we pay.

Toxic ingredients galore

And as for the toxic ingredients that can be found there, the list is long! Paraben, pesticides, aromatic amines, heavy metals, metal salts, ammonia, PEG, lead, aminophenol, hydrogen peroxide... In addition to being harmful to the hair, these components are dangerous for the body.

Another little problem: some find themselves with yellow or green hair after bleaching and a short trip to the swimming pool. Clearly, this is the disaster scenario that we don't wish on anyone, not even our worst enemy (although...)! If we can lighten our hair naturally, why deprive ourselves of it? This will be much less expensive than in a salon, but also less dangerous for our skin and hair. And you should quickly see the first results appear.

Can we lighten our hair naturally? blonde hair hand

Contrary to popular belief, lightening your hair naturally is not that complicated. You probably already have everything you need in your cupboards. And as you'll see, it doesn't cost anything to try!

Products to naturally lighten our hair

Only a few natural and easily accessible ingredients are enough. This is the case for honey, lemon, beer and chamomile, for example. Chamomile will help us obtain lighter highlights, without damaging or attacking the hair. Honey has very valuable lightening and moisturizing properties. As for lemon, it brings luminosity to the hair, but it can dry out the ends: it must be used sparingly and wisely. Among the products that can lighten hair are also cinnamon, blond henna and olive oil.

Finally, beer is a little-known product here, but its effectiveness is unanimously appreciated. With these few ingredients, you will be able to offer naturally lighter highlights to your hair. And you can adjust the result yourself with a different exposure time, which will of course depend on the natural color of your hair.

What results can we obtain?

If you're naturally blonde, these same ingredients can revive your color and make it look more dapper, sparkling and shiny. If your hair is more brown, honey, lemon and chamomile can help you get up to two shades lighter. As for redheads and brunettes, they will be able to obtain more coppery highlights, but still natural! Especially since the result will always be more natural than chemical bleaching. So, don't expect to go platinum blonde if you are brunette. No natural solution allows such a result. Likewise, to work, the following tips must be repeated several times a week. There is nothing miraculous about them, but they at least have the advantage of not being chemical!

Products and DIY to naturally lighten your hair

How to use these ingredients to naturally lighten hair? Here are some easy techniques to implement at home.

Blond naturally with lemon

Lemon is ideal for creating a natural and very effective lightening spray. This citrus fruit contains fruit acids which have the effect of lightening the lengths. Simply squeeze a lemon and mix its juice with a small glass of water, which helps prevent lemon lightening spray to use it pure, while it is aggressive. Pour the mixture into a bottle fitted with a spray and apply to the hair. Leave it on for about two hours, before washing your hair with your natural shampoo. To boost the effects of lemon, you can expose your hair to the sun after application! After washing your hair, consider giving your hair a nourishing treatment to strengthen the hair fiber, which lemon may have weakened. Your hair will be lighter and shinier!

Using honey to lighten your hair

Honey is rich in trace elements as well as mineral salts. It will help you blonde your lioness mane naturally. Over the course of applications, you will see your hair gradually become blonder and brighter. To do this, simply mix two tablespoons of liquid honey with a simple natural yogurt. Apply this mixture to your damp hair and leave under a warm towel for an hour before rinsing and washing your hair. This mask will lighten your hair, but also provide it with many nutrients!

Chamomile to make your hair blonde

Chamomile is not only used to promote sleep (we see you arriving with your herbal teas and your little fleece blanket!). It is also an ingredient very popular with blondes for its lightening properties. Many shampoos for blonde hair contain chamomile. A random ? Certainly not. To use chamomile, steep two large handfuls of chamomile flowers in a bowl of boiling water. Leave to cool and use the water obtained as rinse water, after your usual shampoo. You can then let your hair dry naturally and style your hair as usual. As you use more applications, you will see very beautiful reflections appear in your hair. Here, the mixture between honey and chamomile is very effective. Don’t hesitate to combine them to increase their effects tenfold!

Beer to become blonde, how to use it?

Using beer to go blonde is a little-known technique. And yet, many women are already fans of it! Pour four bottles of lager into the sink or a basin and soak your hair. Wring them out, then let them dry naturally in the sun or in the open air. You can repeat the operation as often as desired to make your hair blonde. Of course, you will have to remember to shampoo after application.

And the sun !

Sun is certainly not an ingredient that you add to a recipe, but it can make a big difference for those who want to lighten their hair. Our star is also very effective, and we notice it every summer! But before exposing your hair to the Sun, remember to apply a protective oil to make it blonde without drying it out. With recurring sea baths, you will see your hair transform and adopt magnificent blonde highlights.

A cinnamon-based recipe for dark hair

Do you have dark hair and are desperate to achieve a blonde mane? You can use cinnamon! Combined with honey and argan oil, it will make all the difference. Mix one tablespoon of cinnamon with one of argan oil and four of honey. Apply this treatment to your hair and leave it on overnight. In the early morning, shampoo and admire the change that takes place!

Blonde henna, a product to discover!

Blonde henna consists of neutral henna, rhubarb and chamomile powder. It helps lighten hair that is already light, giving it slightly blonde highlights. The longer the product is applied, the more visible the effects will be. Please note, this product is only intended for brown hair. For darker hair, the result may not live up to your expectations.

To finish: use olive oil

Olive oil is very famous and present in hair care, shampoos and conditioners. It brings softness and shine to the hair, but not only that! Just like chamomile and honey, olive oil can be used to naturally lighten hair. To do this, apply it to the hair before exposing yourself to the sun for an hour. Then, we wash our hair and let it dry in the open air and in the sun. This routine should be repeated several times a week, ideally in summer. The result might just blow your mind!

To conclude

So, have these tips convinced you? If the results obtained do not bring you satisfaction, favor natural colorings and bleaching over chemical products, as far as possible. They will have the advantage of protecting your hair and skin from many toxic products which damage them, sometimes irreversibly. And don't forget to take care of your hair with food supplements like our different Gummies !
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