How to maintain your white hair?

Comment entretenir ses cheveux blancs ?
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Many of us dread their appearance and pray day and night that they never happen... Of course, we mean white hair! Where do they come from ? Why do they sometimes arrive very early? Can we prevent their appearance? And more importantly: how to maintain them? Madame La Presente comes, once again, to your rescue!

have cells called melanocytes. They are responsible for the coloring and therefore the shade of the hair. When they stop secreting melanin, the hair loses its color and turns white. Black hair results, conversely, from intense production of melanin by melanocytes. When these cells completely stop producing melanin, the hair turns white. And contrary to popular belief, gray hair does not exist. They are either white or colored. The famous “salt and pepper” is only an illusion, a mixture of white and color which gives a gray appearance to the hair.

Once the melanocytes are empty, it is rare for them to regenerate. This has happened before, but these are exceptional cases. It's best not to get false hopes... As soon as the first white hair appears, there is no going back. Depending on the case, the process leading to total whiteness takes more or less time.

Self-acceptance, more important than anything

Signs of aging are inevitable. They are witnesses of time passing, of life taking its course. Accepting their appearance is important to feeling good about yourself at any age. Whether you are young or old, they end up manifesting themselves more or less quickly, more or less early. And they often look great on us! White hair and gray hair have even become a fashion phenomenon and we are learning to highlight them. Certain celebrities, men or women, are very good ambassadors. Maintaining them enhances their color and makes them stronger, shinier and richer in vitality. Accept them for who they are and don't hesitate to highlight them with a nice haircut and regular care.

Why do they sometimes arrive very early?

Experts agree that the first gray hairs appear around the age of forty. But this is only an average, since for some it happens much earlier. The appearance of white hair is called scalp visible white hair canity. There is no consensus on the causes that explain it. In any case, heredity plays a key role in its appearance here. If your parents had two gray hairs at a very young age, it is very likely that you are experiencing the same scenario.

Certain traumatic events as well as stress can also accelerate the appearance of white hair, but it is difficult to know their exact degree of incidence. However, one thing is certain: we can slow down the appearance of white hair. And we can hide them too!

Can we prevent their appearance?

First of all, know that there is currently no treatment to prevent hair whitening. However, it is possible to supplement with vitamins (like with Hair Boost Gummies or Resolution No. 1 ) in order to slow down, even slightly, the process in progress. We can also fight against stress every day to prevent it from affecting the coloring of our hair. So Zen, we breathe, we relax, and we put things into perspective! Finally, do not hesitate to consult the advice of a good old dermatologist who will be able to advise you better than anyone else.

How to maintain white hair?

For those who fully embrace this mark of time, there are shampoos intended for white hair which nourish it and help to accentuate its reflections. See you for a little DIY at the end of the article!

Regularly moisturize the lengths

When hair turns white, it means that melanocyte cells no longer produce melanin. In this case, the hair fiber clearly lacks protection and requires more hydration and nutrition. Regularly, you must therefore apply nourishing treatments such as an oil bath or a mask on your white hair. This should then gain in flexibility. For unruly hair, use a dry shampoo then a special shampoo for white hair, avoiding as much as possible treatments containing silicone which tend to suffocate the hair fibers!

white hair brush Adopt good hair routines

White hair is more brittle and drier than colored hair. Indeed, the production of sebum from the sebaceous glands tends to decrease, thus depriving the hair of essential protection. Over time, white hair becomes thicker, less shiny... Their needs are very specific! To respond effectively, you need to shake up your hair routines. The first good thing to do is to space out shampoos to allow for better sebum secretion. If necessary, use a dry shampoo between two regular shampoos. On the other hand, rely on cleansing treatments based on cider vinegar which boosts the shine of white hair, ensuring optimal shine.

Use anti-yellowing treatments

The problem with white hair is that it can turn yellow easily. To avoid this and the terrible bench effect that follows, you must use the blue shampoo known to neutralize yellowed tones. Blondes are also fervent fans. Its composition, rich in amino acids and purple pigments, helps prevent it from turning into a little chick. If it is effective, it is not necessary to use it every shower: do not hesitate to alternate with anti-yellowing masks, clarifying creams or even repigmenting treatments.

Avoid heating appliances

Heat is an enemy of our hair, especially when it is white and more sensitive. Non-pigmented hair can also turn yellow under the effect of heat! Always favor drying your hair naturally. And if you can't do without your blow dry, consider spraying a serum or protective spray on your hair, and use the cold air function as much as possible.

Dare to balayage at the hairdresser

Hair never turns white all at once. There is always a more or less rapid transition between color and white. To maintain a beautiful color, you can do a balayage at your hairdresser, to help the white hair blend in more naturally. Reverse scanning can also be a solution. The idea is to color the highlights darker in order to give relief. The effect is assured!

DIY care for gray and white hair

Here are some natural recipes to take care of your white hair and enhance it.

Water chamomile casserole

An anti-yellowing shampoo for white hair

Devoid of pigments, white hair oxidizes quickly and easily. You must therefore be careful of the phenomenon of yellowing! With this recipe, you should be able to maintain a beautiful natural color. You will therefore need:

    • 200 milliliters of cleansing base: a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo;

    • 30 drops of German chamomile essential oil.

And that's all ! Mix these two ingredients and use this shampoo regularly on your hair to prevent it from turning yellow. However, do not use it every day. Once or twice a week is enough. When mixing, your shampoo will turn blue and this is exactly the effect you are looking for. We then find the same molecule as in commercial anti-yellowing shampoos.

A dry shampoo for white and blonde hair

While dry shampoos are very effective and useful, it is best to avoid commercial sprays. They are not very natural and sometimes contain toxic gases such as propane, butane or isobutane. Berk! Here is a recipe for natural dry shampoo, zero waste and suitable for white and very light blonde hair. For this recipe you will need the following ingredients:

    • 30 grams of cornstarch;

    • Three to four drops of essential oil of your choice (for fragrance);

    • A heaped teaspoon of the finest possible baking soda.

For utensils, bring a small airtight jar, with a diameter large enough to immerse a blush brush and this famous brush, which will be used to apply shampoo.

Start by pouring the cornstarch into your baking dish, then add the baking soda. Mix and add the essential oil drops which are optional. Stir and apply with a brush! Don't put too much on the brush and try to distribute the powder evenly over it by tapping the edges. Leave the dry shampoo on for five to ten minutes then brush your hair.

White hair: our conclusion

Inevitable, white hair can be sublimated with good hair routines and regular quality care. Think about food supplements to nourish your hair and Resolution No. 2 detox tea which will purify your scalp and cleanse your magnificent white hair. Accept this mark of time as a gift: white hair is popular and it is very beautiful!
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