How to add volume to your hair?

Comment donner du volume à ses cheveux ?

Ah straight hair! They are absolutely brilliant when it comes to having a Jane Birkin cut, but unfortunately, we often find them flat, without shape or volume, and we despair of having lioness hair... Don't panic! We have a few tips to give you to restore pep and maximum volume to your lengths!

To get started!

Above all, don't attack your hair with shampoos that promise a thousand and one wonders to give volume to your hair!

Always use a gentle shampoo , massaging your scalp to loosen the roots.

When drying, use a cold air hair dryer rather than a straightener which will flatten your lengths.

Use a round comb, and do your blow-drying; I can guarantee you that the result will be there! ?

Unstoppable care for flat hair

Whatever your problem, our hair always loves it!

These are our cocooning moments, tea in hand and mask in our hair!

Once a week, a few hours before your shampoo, prepare an egg mask , it will be your perfect ally!

The egg protein will thicken and firm your lengths.

Rinse with cool water (when possible) to seal the scales from your hair fiber. As simple as that!

Hair mousse remains a superb alternative as well, and the best treatment to give volume to your hair.

On your damp hair, head forward, apply a small amount of mousse and knead your lengths.

A blow with the hairdryer to dry the product and it's in your pocket.

There are great natural moss!

Neither seen nor known !

Often fine hair rhymes with oily hair .

It is true that hair with little or no volume tends to regrease quickly.

We all know that to avoid damaging your oily hair, it is advisable not to subject it to repetitive washing.

Little tip, and not the least, opt for dry shampoo .

It will help regulate excess sebum by spacing out your next shampoo and also give volume to your roots .

Madam President's little recipe for homemade dry shampoo? :

    • 30 grams of cornstarch

    • 2 tablespoons of cocoa

    • A few drops of essential oils of your choice to give a pleasant scent to your shampoo ( essential oil of lemon , lavender , etc.)

Mix everything , and store the shampoo in an airtight jar.

And then if you're in a hurry and you don't have dry shampoo on hand, a little talcum powder on the roots will do the trick!

A trendy cut!

The shape of your hair can help you immensely by acting as a trompe l'oeil.

Opt for malleable hairstyles that will give you volume.

Short cuts are more likely to optimize maximum volume so Dare Dare Dare!

If the fear of scissors on your lengths scares you, don't worry, backcomb your hair with a comb, it will thicken your hair!

Finally, if you want to give your mane some hold, nourish it deeply! With Resolution N°1 , your hair will be deeply nourished and gain volume!

Here are the Presidents, you now have all our little tips to be on top! Your hair is out!
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