5 tips to get rid of oily hair!

5 astuces pour venir à bout des cheveux gras !

Oily hair is a nightmare for many of us. But often, our first instinct is to want to dry out the scalp as much as possible, thinking that the problem will be solved… mistake!

To start, a few explanations. An oily scalp is a scalp that produces too much sebum : however, sebum is essential for our hair! It helps protect them and keep them healthy. So no more stripping products?

We explain the 5 good actions to adopt:

1/ Sweetness !

Be aware that the products targeted at “ oily hair ” that you find in supermarkets or even at certain hairdressers are very often full of stripping chemicals and surfactants, which will have the completely opposite effect to that expected. In fact, if the scalp becomes dry, it will naturally defend itself by producing more sebum...
The idea is therefore to attack your scalp as little as possible, and to switch to the most natural products possible. If it takes a while for your hair to be completely weaned off the bad products, it will thank you! We therefore choose gentle shampoos, formulated for oily hair or sensitive scalp.

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2/ Say no way to the heat !

Heat on the hair, whether from a straightener or curler hair dryer, causes harmful attacks on our mane. Plus, it dries it out! If you can't do without your hair dryer, opt for the lowest temperature, and prefer drying upside down to minimize direct heat on the scalp. And this also applies to hot water! You will prefer to rinse your hair with lukewarm or cold water, so that the scales are well tightened.

3/ Powder treatments

Powders such as shikakai, rhassoul, reetha, etc. are an excellent way to gently purify the scalp. The good news is that there is no need to shampoo afterward, they already have cleaning properties! Leave on for 15-20 minutes to feel all the benefits. It is not necessary to apply it to your lengths.

4/ Essential oils

They are very effective in overcoming the overproduction of sebum. You can mix them with other vegetable oils to leave on as an intensive treatment, or add a few drops to your shampoo. The essential oil of tea tree , clary sage, Saint-Thomas Bay or true lavender are known for their effectiveness on oily scalps. WARNING: EOs should be used with caution! It is not suitable for applying to the eyes, nose or mouth. Follow the prescribed amounts and never use if you are pregnant. If you have the slightest doubt, we advise you to contact a doctor.

Finally, it is important to remember that a healthy lifestyle is essential for the external appearance of the skin, hair and nails. We grant you, it sounds a bit like a killjoy, but that's where you have to start! We therefore make sure to drink plenty of water, eat healthy and avoid foods that are too rich in saturated fats and refined sugars. If necessary, food supplements can provide a welcome little boost!

Relax ladies! greasy hair is not inevitable?
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