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9 tips to protect your hair in winter

9 astuces pour protéger ses cheveux en hiver

Winter is coming and you need to find tips to protect your hair! You don't know how to go about it so that this year you have perfect hair and a perfectly healthy scalp? Don't panic, you've come to the right place! Indeed, in this article, we are going to give you some tips that work to have the hair of your dreams; health and length retention as a bonus. Ready to learn more? Stay with us, this is where it happens!

What problems can our hair encounter during winter ?

You will certainly have noticed that winter can have a real impact on the appearance or simply the texture of our hair. And for good reason, with the drop in temperatures and the cold setting in, our hair does not react in the same way. We are therefore going to make a small list of the different problems that we may encounter with our hair in winter:

  • Static electricity : it is certainly the scourge of all women. Who has never woken up one morning with hair that doesn't stay in place? And this phenomenon can easily be explained. In fact, when the air is dry and there is little, if any, moisture, our hair becomes electrified. And while it might be fun at first, when it comes to styling it, it's a different story.

  • Lengths can be dull and tangled : having beautiful long hair is every woman's dream. However, in winter, your lengths may not look like they used to and they may break more easily. You should know that the cold wind as well as the friction of your hair on clothes do not necessarily help the hair to be healthy. You must therefore handle them as little as possible and create hairstyles that avoid knots and friction on clothing, for example.

  • In winter, it is perfectly possible to notice that our roots can change appearance. Indeed, the latter can become greasy and the people around us will have the impression that we have not washed our hair for a very long time. This phenomenon can be a characteristic of your hair if it secretes too much sebum or even be caused by wearing hats or bonnets for a long time.

  • Split ends can also appear during winter. However, we must still take into account that it is an element that we can have all year round: it is important not to be afraid to cut your split ends or to go to a professional to do it.

As we can see, it is perfectly possible to find many problems faced by our hair during the winter. So, all we have to do is identify the ones we have to know how to act on them.

10 tips to protect your hair in winter

9 tips to protect your hair effectively in winter

Are you having problems with your hair during the winter? You don't really know how to protect them? So, we are going to give you 10 tips for protecting your hair in winter.

Opt for dry shampoos

The first interesting tip to take into account to protect your hair in winter is simply to choose a dry shampoo. Although many women do not really appreciate this type of product, it must still be admitted that they can be particularly effective for certain people. For what ? Quite simply because using dry shampoo can help refresh your hair between two hair routines, it also helps restore volume and remove the “greasy hair” effect. Just put a few touches on your roots and massage your scalp and that's it!

Protect your hair with a turban or satin scarf

To protect your hair in winter, you can opt to use a turban or satin scarf. This very fashionable accessory every season, especially if it is made of satin, allows you to protect your hair from the external environment but also from friction caused by clothing. It is also recommended to protect your hair at night: opt for a satin pillowcase, which is a much gentler material for your hair and/or a satin bonnet. You can even add a satin scrunchie using the “Pineapple” technique.

The best accessory for winter

Avoid using heating appliances on your hair

Fans of straighteners or curling irons will certainly not like this tip, but it still remains effective for protecting their hair in winter. Indeed, it should be noted that the hair dryer and the hotplates are very aggressive in normal times, but this is amplified by the falling outside temperature. However, the advice we can give you is simply to let your hair air dry and as soon as it is almost dry, you can finalize your hairstyle with a diffuser.

Go to the hairdresser

Leaving your hair to a professional can be very difficult but it is important to entrust your beautiful locks to the right person. She/He will be able to advise you on the needs of your hair but also give you a suitable cut. If it's been a while since you've been there, it's definitely time to make an appointment. So, if you have time to go every couple of months during the cold periods, this can really be ideal. Note also that to protect your hair in winter, it is perfectly possible to carry out treatments that can only be found in salons. The latter, with their components and the expertise of hairdressers, will be able to take care of your lengths in depth. And at the same time, you will give yourself a well-deserved “relaxation moment”!

Entrust your hair to a hairdresser for the winter

Make a clarifying shampoo to protect your hair

Your hair in winter will surely require more hydration or nourishing care. You will also try to empty the bottle of hair milk on your hair to provide it with maximum hydration. The excess products suffocate the hair and you will have the impression of having a build-up of products on the hair and/or that no product is working anymore. In this case, we recommend that you always use a clarifying shampoo at least once a month. Some people will be able to go as far as 1 clarifying shampoo each wash, if you accumulate a lot of “build up”.

Moisturizing products must be your ally during winter

Just like skin, hair needs to be hydrated with changes in temperature, for example, and environment. So, the advice we can give you is simply to do at least one moisturizing mask per week, this is non-negotiable! To protect your hair, it is really important to pay more attention to it during cooler periods. This way, you can easily keep them healthy, which is good news.

Avoid handling your hair every day

When you handle your hair every day, you weaken it and risk creating unnecessary tension on it. To avoid this, you can do protective hairstyles so you don't have to style your hair every day. This will also rest your hair. You can accompany this moment of break with scalp massages every day and apply Madam President's Elixir Booster Resolution No. 4 , to the temples for example. Resolution No. 4 will help thinning areas to regrow and activate the blood circulation of the scalp, to restore strength and vitality to the hair.

Favor gentle products to protect your hair in winter

The choice of product that you can make in winter is really important. So, as you can probably imagine, it is better to choose gentle products so as not to damage the hair too much and make it drier than it already is. For example, we would rather opt for a sulfate-free cleanser to avoid damaging your scalp. Another very effective solution is the use of keratin treatments.

Adopt a night routine to protect your hair in winter

The last tip that we can give you is simply to opt for a night routine. For example, you can perfectly opt for a nourishing oil that you can slip into your bedside table or why not use My Anti-Hair Loss Serum Resolution No. 4 Madam President. This will promote the anchoring of the hair bulb in the scalp. With our serum, goodbye to hair loss, hello to density! Nothing better to have a good winter!

Have a good hair routine in winter (1)

Having healthy hair in winter is possible. You will have to put all the chances on your side by having a routine specially dedicated to this period. When we talk about routine, it doesn't just mean skincare products but also the actions and accessories you will use.

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