3 ways to stretch your hair without heat

3 façons d’étirer ses cheveux sans chaleur

Textured hair, naturally frizzy or curly, tends to shrink when styling products are applied to it. It is said that they shrink (shrinkage is a sign of good health for your hair, Presidents!). However, there are techniques for stretching hair without using heat and which are not harsh on the hair. So how do you stretch your hair without heat? The answer right here!

Stretching your frizzy hair without heat

Braids or vanillas to stretch curly and frizzy hair

To stretch curly and frizzy hair without heat, you can resort to vanillas, which are twisted braids. Unlike classic braids, vanilla braids only have two strands: they are called torsades or twists. Protective, this hairstyle is very simple to achieve and requires little manipulation. Ideally, we leave them on overnight to obtain a better, more lasting result. We untie it in the morning and we obtain waves, a more voluminous effect and that's it! This is also called "Twist-out". Vanillas aren't just a hairstyle: they're also a method for stretching textured hair without heat.

How to make vanillas? To your pencils ladies:

    • Take a small section or strand of hair, which you will separate into two separate strands;

    • Then, twist the strands around each other;

    • Go all the way down the section of hair, taking care to maintain the same direction;

    • Maintain even tension until you reach the ends of your hair;

    • With a dab of cream, curl the ends to form a spring or “finger coils” using your fingers.

If the method seems too abstract to you, here is our advice with a little more detail.

Vanillas to stretch your hair without heat

Prepare each section of hair and divide into two equal sized strands

When styling your hair, you define the size of each section. You must try to preserve a certain uniformity in the hairstyle. To create clean sections, use a tail comb and a leave-in or hair milk before detangling. Separate your section into two strands to form your vanillas. It is important that these two parts are equal parts to obtain nice vanillas and stretch the hair correctly.

Start the twist and keep going

Once the section is defined and the two strands are separated, you will be able to start twisting. To do this, simply twist each strand around the other. You can do this by passing the strands from hand to hand to start. Over time, and as you master this method, you will become the pro of the "twist-out" and you will no longer have to systematically exchange hands. Moreover, you will quickly notice that you can twist the strands by moving only your fingers!

Continue to twist your hair strands, always turning in the same direction. This can of course vary depending on whether you are left-handed or right-handed. However, if you want the vanillas to orient more towards the front, the back or a particular side, you can direct it from the first twists, carried out at the root level.

Regularity and care for successful vanillas

When twisting your hair strands, try to maintain an even movement. This will allow you to obtain more beautiful vanillas and therefore stretch your hair more effectively without resorting to heat. It is also the regularity of the movement which makes all the difference between vanillas which hold securely and those which fall apart easily, or which seem uneven. Although the technique is simple, mastering it requires a little practice. It is completely normal to have a hesitant movement the first few times.

When you reach the end of the vanilla, apply a dab of cream and/or oil to the ends, so that they are well hydrated. At the end, you need to hold the tips between two fingers before releasing the pressure gradually so that the twist sets in on its own. So, aren’t these vanillas beautiful? Leave it on overnight (or several days if you like the hairstyle) and untie everything to stretch your curly and frizzy hair without heat. Make sure your vanillas are very dry.

If you have made it this far but still have doubts about performing this technique, I invite you to watch the video from @ Naturally Yayou which shows you step by step how she performs her twist-out.

Stretching textured hair with the banding method

The “Banding method” is a derivative of the wire braiding technique. Here, we use small scrunchies or elastics instead of cotton thread, which we place along a strand of damp or wet hair. As the hair dries, the hair is stretched little by little, and always without heat. However, you must be careful not to damage the baby hair. So how exactly do you do this?

Divide the hair into several sections

On damp hair and after treatment, start by dividing the hair into different sections. These will be deeply hydrated one after the other with a cream, milk or leave-in, which will be sealed with a fatty substance (an oil, in fact). The more intense the hydration, the more supple and easily relaxed the hair will be: that's the whole effect, isn't it? Then, we take the time to detangle each section, delicately, using the comb or detangling brush of your choice, starting from the ends towards the roots. The hair is now ready to be banded (hence the term “banding” method of course).

Bandage strands of hair to stretch them

To apply the "banding method", you must use a first elastic which is placed at the root level. We add others all along the strand to the ends. Preferably use satin scrunchies or elastics, which will limit moisture loss and protect your hair from frizz. On the other hand, you must be careful not to overtighten the elastics at the roots in order to avoid breakage! The next day, carefully remove the elastics. So, what do you think ?

If you need to see the steps of this technique, we have your back! Don't hesitate to watch the video from Armelle @monpetitparadisbyarmelle who explains everything to you, step by step.

To avoid hair breakage and preserve their health, you can combine your hair routine with taking dedicated food supplements! Madam President, for example, offers you Resolution No. 1 supplements which are rich in vitamins and minerals essential to our hair. Resolution N°1 will have a global action on growth, stopping hair loss and will give strength and vitality to your hair. Are you carrying a little bundle of joy? So, opt for Mama gummies for pregnant women which will be perfectly adapted to the increased nutritional needs of your hair.

Blow dry in cold mode for tension method Blow out cold stretch your hair without heat

The blow-dry method is ideal for stretching curly and frizzy hair without heat. Provided of course that you set the hair dryer to cold mode! Power blow drying is a simple technique that involves holding a section of hair taut and running the hair dryer up and down over it, always using the coolest setting possible. You don't think this method is effective? Wait until you try it!

The secret to achieving a stretched style on textured hair is to hold the worked sections of hair straight and always with firmness. Hair has excellent memory, especially when damp. Of course, this method must be applied to wet or damp hair for it to work effectively. Here are our tips for carrying out this manipulation correctly:

Lightly dry the hair before anything else.

Do not perform your Blow-dry before having first dried your hair using a microfiber towel. The goal here is to blot some of the water from the hair to make it moist, without being excessively dry or wet. You have to aim for the happy medium, you know?

Divide the hair into small, taut sections

To obtain a beautiful result, you must be patient and divide the hair into small sections to work with. Using your detangling comb or brush, detangle your hair then divide it. Grasp each section with your fingertips and run your hair dryer on cool mode up and down the entire length of the strand until it is dry. Remember to always maintain sufficient tension to imbue the memory of your hair and stretch it as much as possible... Then move on to the next strand!

Do not overuse styling products

While it can still be helpful to use natural care products on textured hair, you should avoid overdoing them. Especially when you apply a heat protectant. Quantity does not mean quality and it is more likely to weigh down your hair. Besides, if you are planning to buy a hair dryer soon, make sure that it has this very useful function!

Combine treatments for healthy hair

Whatever your hair type, you need to take care of it. If you have frizzy or wavy hair, you've certainly already established your own daily routines, and that's good! You also have the opportunity to nourish your hair, eliminate dandruff and purify your scalp with Resolution No. 2 Detox Tea from our range. It will help make your hair shinier and healthier and will be a very good addition to one of our treatments.

If your hair suffers from breakage linked to the multiple manipulations you inflict on it, you can stop the breakage thanks to ourHairBoost Growth Booster hair gummies, which have a targeted action on growth and stopping breakage!
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