5 hair commandments that I wish I knew before

5 commandements du cheveu que j’aurais souhaité connaitre avant
How can I make my hair healthy ? This is one of the most asked questions on social networks and on the internet. We all ask ourselves this question very often!

In this moment of reflection, often comes the “Raaah!” I really wish I had this advice before”, the “if I had known this before, my hair adventure would have been different”. Yes in our thinking, we are talking about adventure, ADVENTURE we tell you! But, the 5 commandments were not yet part of it.

Living in the past isn't good, unless you're Marty McFly and, like him, sometimes, just sometimes, you'd like to go back to the past to give the younger version of you some advice. Nothing too crazy, just little tips like:

Democratize hygiene products for all women , like sanitary napkins!

Above all, do n't go out with Henri in 1st grade at Paul Lapie high school , nor Jules at university for that matter.

Launch the world's first tea to take care of your hair . Oh no, that’s already done! ?

Invest in Apple , a quick trip to California and presto! Who doesn't dream of a life as a billionaire investor?

Most importantly, I would have liked to know 5 commandments relating to hair to allow me to arrive in 2022 with completely wow hair!

But Dolorean is no longer what she was and today we must stay in the present and face our regrets.

I see you coming: regret, regret right away big words... well yes! But, if we believe Marcel Proust : regret is an amplifier of desire . Just that !

Clearly our desire for luxurious hair persists, It is therefore never too late to change the situation and at Madam President we are going to share with you the 5 commandments of hair that we wish we had known before .

Hair detox

Commandment 1: Detoxify your scalp, you will

Marty , do you know our hair is under pressure? They are the prey of several enemies. Something has to be done ! »

Pollution , accumulation of products , heat , coloring and so on… are the main culprits ! We're not talking about guilty pleasure, but rather Smooth Criminal !

Do you think we stop there? When it comes to dry , dull and lifeless hair , lack of shine and volume ? These are them too!

Using hair products can lead to the buildup of dirt and oils in your hair. Result: thinning, hair loss , but also proliferation of odors.

“That's not very exciting, Doc ! »

Yes , quite terrible because pollution can take the form of dust or tobacco smoke which attacks hair fibers and leads to damage. Product buildup is the easiest way to dull your shine.

You must therefore use a revitalizing/detoxifying shampoo or ourResolution No. 2 Mon Thé Hair organic detox to cleanse and purify your scalp. Objective , hair healthier than ever .

Getting into this habit will also make your hair more manageable because you have a lot less buildup and pollution on your hair. A hair detox also prepares your hair and scalp for other hair treatments. It will allow the products to better penetrate and act on the fiber , but also help reduce dandruff and itching by cleaning the scalp.

What more ? The millions from the Apple investment? We were too busy between the Henri and Jules affair that we forgot to invest??

Rinse water

Commandment 2: Rinse water you shall use

Do you like hot showers? That's good for us too, but our hair depending on its porosity , not really. The famous porosity , again! We talk to you about it every week, but it's for your own good! Finally ours. In short, for the good!

Low porosity requires the use of hot water which will open the cuticles or scales , allowing the products to penetrate better.

If hairdressers, who do not agree on much other than affirming that they will succeed in your cut, agree that the use of hot water during the cleaning phase, then Cold water for the conditioning phase is ideal for high porosity hair . This cold rinse at the end also helps lock in moisture , preventing frizz.

So yes, it's refreshing, we're startled, but it's for the good, did we tell you, especially your hair?

Combine cooler temperatures with your hydrating masks, anti-frizz creams or specific serums to amplify their results and achieve stunning results.

To the question “should I rinse my hair with cold water?” » We answer yes. Not only for the shine , but also for the benefits of cold water therapy on the health of your hair.

And if you remember to add a few drops of your Resolution No. 2 My organic Hair Detox tea , you are sure to have hair that your friends dream of.

Therefore, whether in the past, present or future, the satisfaction effect remains the same.

Oil bath

Commandment 3: Abuse of the oil bath, you will no longer do

Do you have white, scaly flakes falling on your blouse? Is your hair sticky? I'm afraid you're using too much oil .

“What do you mean too much oil, Uh... Doc ?”

Using the oil can stimulate hair growth or moisturize a dry, itchy scalp. Whatever the reason, it's important to avoid overdoing it because, as the famous saying goes, "Too much is the enemy of good." We are very quotable at the moment!

If your scalp is irritated and you notice thick scales and flakes that weren't there before, you should be a little concerned. Just a hair. Indeed, it is possible to create a favorable environment for fungi or irritate your scalp in the event of excessive oil baths .

Doc 's solution is simple: use less oil on your scalp and especially less frequently. Many oils are very powerful and can therefore act on the hair for a fairly long period of time.

If for you the oil bath is an absolute weapon to activate hair growth , recommend light oils which rinse more easily or Resolution No. 3 my Anti-Hair Loss Serum , a concentrate of active ingredients to promote growth hair.

5 hair commandments

Commandment 4: Towards healthy hair, you will brush

Still according to hairdressing experts, brushing your hair twice a day , once in the morning and then again in the evening, would be ideal for obtaining beautiful , shiny hair .

Obviously, it depends on the length of your hair and the texture, many people brush their hair in the morning, but in the evening just before going to bed? That’s less certain! We asked the question in the team. Quite mixed result.

Generally, we tend to brush our hair for one of two reasons: to detangle it or to style it. The sebaceous glands produce oil to lubricate the scalp and hair. Brushing is a good way to distribute the natural oils in your hair to the ends, resulting in shiny hair.

So just imagine if you decide to brush them twice a day, but not just anyhow either. By having gentle and attentive gestures, to ensure that they remain healthy and healthy.

No from Zeus ! We still need Doc 's advice:

Avoid pulling your hair when it is dry, but even more so when it is wet or when detangling it in the shower, as it is more susceptible to breakage.

Wide tooth combs are the gentlest for detangling hair . Brushes can pull and tear your strands leaving them damaged, and that's not what we want at all!

You understand, your brush is an element of great importance , you need a quality one, especially if you really want to brush your way to healthy hair . Boar hair, wooden brush, wide - toothed combs or our Detangle Me Brush , nothing gentler for detangling hair . You must choose a suitable model. A model like our best-selling accessory.

You may already know this, but some brushes have bobbles on the ends of the bristles or barbs which can cause breakage because the hair gets stuck on the bobble.

The boars brush or those without its bobbles help to gently loosen tangles and knots while distributing your hair's natural oils to give you shine.

In addition to using it for your hair, we know very well that you use your brush during your karaoke sessions. How do we know? Well, because we do the same! So choose wisely girl?

Commandment 5: In pursuit of a solid routine, you will put yourself

The last of the 5 commandments and probably one of the most important Marty , so listen carefully!

Hair care is an important part of our daily routine , because our hair is unfortunately subject to many things (pollution, dirt, etc. ) . This is why it is essential to take care of it by having a routine . It is crucial to take care of your hair because it is the only thing that can help you achieve your hair goals .

Long, healthy and lustrous hair can only be achieved if it is well maintained.

Having a routine doesn't just stop at the treatments and products you use or your protective hairstyles, a routine involves the different beauty gestures that we put in place to take care of our hair.

Some tips for you:

#1 Trim your ends regularly

#2 Avoid excess heat

#3 Moisturize your hair often with milk or cream

#4 Make deep masks at least once a month (hello Resolution No. 6 My nutri-active mask , your secret weapon)

#5 Include food supplements in your lifestyle (the gummies are there for you)

We harp on it a lot but having a routine allows you to put all the chances on your side to prevent hair loss , boost your volume , know which products are not working or no longer working for you or even when you need to switch your products for a maximum efficiency .

You will have understood, when it comes to hair, there are all kinds of advice.

Those of hairdressing experts like the 5 commandments of Doc , expert in quantum mechanics , no less! From oiling our hair to going to a hair spa , (yes a spa for our hair), there is a big step. But before choosing what is best for your hair, find out how with simple actions , which you probably already do, you can improve the condition of your hair and give it health and vitality .

Well, go our way, we're quickly going back in time with Doc & Marty to settle one last matter: discoloration after a perm from 2011, we won't tell you the damage. We will see you very soon as soon as we return to the future, the present hmmm future...for a new sharing. Until then, tell us in the comments which of the 5 commandments you would like to know . We know you have some in stock.
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