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Découvre Résolution n°7 Mon Soin sans rinçage - Leave- In
Resolution n°7 My Leave-In Treatment is available!

New product in the Madam President hair care range, our Leave-in was launched last Monday and is priced at €9.99 . Yes, you read correctly: less than 10 euros to perfect your hair routine. I was so excited about the product launch that I had to debrief my mom.

Today, I'm telling you everything about the product and (a little) also about Danielle, my mother.

Leave-in treatment

Leave in KESAKO

“Mom, we just released a new product. It’s a Leave-In !”

- A Leave-in? But what are you telling me? What is this ?"

"Our last Resolution. Resolution No. 7 My Leave-in Treatment is a daily treatment with moisturizing and strengthening properties, ideal for dry and weakened hair. I bought you a tube so that it can complement your first treatment combo which is none other than..."

- Uh?

Resolution no. 5 My strengthening and anti-hair loss shampoo and Resolution no. 6 My nutri-active mask ! Wait, isn’t that your go-to combo?”

-No you know, I have been using the same products for several years.

“Ah yes, I see those mass-market products that you hide in your bathroom cupboard. Come on, take the step, put them in the cupboard, because they’re not worth it!”

- But this product for example is the shampoo that I have always used...

"Yes, but here it is, look on my phone. We're going to scan your shampoo and your mask with the Yuka application. Hop, bad for the first, average for the second."

-Ah indeed...

“I already told you, but at Madam President , all our hair care products have an “excellent” rating on the app. Obviously, for leave-in , we stay on the same track: 93/100. There you go, There"

-Interesting that. Okay, I'll listen to you."

Leave in or leave it in

"So, what is leave-in? If I just take its literal translation, you have a clue..."leave in". In other words, we leave the treatment in the hair . It is a leave-in styling product , as you can read on the packaging, to maintain hydration and nourish the hair again and again. You apply it after shampooing and before other styling treatments . You can consider it as a base, a bit like the base you apply before applying your nail polish."

-Ah like a varnish...

" Leave-in is a very widespread and easy-to-use treatment. Do you know why? Because it has a triple action in a single beauty gesture, likeResolution No. 6 My Nutri-Active Mask . After using it, you you won't want to do without it. You heard me right, after using it...In short, Resolution n°7 improves the elasticity of dry and brittle hair, by hydrating and strengthening it thanks to its complex "active ingredients. A formulation around our Capillum Fortis , our secret recipe at Madam President's. Do you remember what Capillum Fortis is?"

-No, not at all but I can do like in “Who wants to be a millionaire”? Can I ask for help from the public?

My Leave-In, a perfect composition for you

"Ah ah, go this time. Capillum Fortis is our secret recipe to bring strength and density to your hair! Well, it's the only Leave-In on the market with this complex, it boosts growth and stops hair loss thanks to the synergy of its various highly concentrated active ingredients."

-So in addition to hydrating the hair, it strengthens it?

"Exactly! Then you know that we work on a super clean formulation every time. Our leave-in is made up of 97.8% ingredients of natural origin. It is also Vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free and silicone-free ."

-Why not 100%?

“The remaining 1.3% are the preservatives and the fragrance which gives Resolution n°7 its captivating scent. Open the tube to smell its fruity, sweet and fresh scent!”

-Hmmm, all that is very tasty...

“Besides, you’re going to like what happens next...our Leave-in can foam!”

Silence, it’s foaming!

-Wait a minute. Are you telling me that the product is a leave-in treatment, but that it can lather?

“Ah the production hassles...initially planned for a release in March 2022, we decided to delay its launch. We were informed of a twist that had not been revealed during the different stages of creation with our lab. Once the production was received, the product was tried again by some of my colleagues and surprise: during its application, a foaming effect could appear. A foaming Leave-in, another innovation on the market? After Resolution n°1 , the most complete food supplement on the market in France;Resolution n°2 , the first tea in the world to take care of your hair; Mama , our gummies specially designed for pregnant and breastfeeding women; a Leave-In that can foam "

-So it was done on purpose?

"No, it's the little surprise that we discovered after production. In the interest of excellence, we decided to delay its launch and launched a battery of new effectiveness tests with the laboratory and with customers. The results were super positive. The effectiveness was confirmed and our testers confirmed to us that the foaming effect was not disturbing.
And above all, who doesn't like foam? Personally, I love the foam that appears in my fresh fruit juice, that of my chocolate mousse to finish my meal, that which is in my bath after a long week."

-Yes and then, at the moment with the increase in the cost of living, would have been a shame not to offer it, right?"

“I completely agree. It’s because our Leave-in is effective and we want to preserve the planet that we decided to offer this product at €9.99 .”

-Really ? It’s a great initiative!”

"Yes, €9.99 and it's not an introductory offer. You will be able to find the product next month, still at the same price. The product is very good for the hair, you might as well use it!"

-Ah yes, you make me want to get started!

That's good, here are the steps to integrate it into your routine and apply it properly.

Step1: Wash your hair with Resolution n°5 My Strengthening and Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo , there is one for each hair texture and at the same time you strengthen it.

Step 2: ApplyResolution n°6 My nutri-active mask to nourish your hair, rinse

Step 3: Place a dab of Resolution No. 7 My Leave-In Treatment in your hand. You spread the treatment in your hands and apply the Leave-in to the lengths, smoothing the hair between your hands.

Step 4: Scrunch ! Scrunch !

Step 5: Let your hair air dry or use a diffuser. For your curly hair , the diffuser is also recommended."

-It seems quite simple to use. If I add too much, what happens?

"Thanks to its jelly texture, Resolution °7 penetrates easily, but too much can give a cardboard effect . Ok it smells divine, we can be tempted to spread our hair, you just have to measure your dosage by putting a dab on the back of the hand.

-Okay, what about the cardboard effect? What is this again?

"I'll explain to you: the hair absorbs the active ingredients and the hydration it needs by leaving the excess product on the surface. This excess will then form a layer around your hair. If this is the case, n "Don't hesitate to add a few drops of vegetable oil to your hair. This will counteract this famous surplus. As with any product, you have to learn to use the right dosage according to your hair."

-Wait, I'm going to take my notebook, that's a lot of information."

"I'm almost finished. As its name suggests, " Leave-in ", no need to rinse your hair after using it. On the other hand, nothing beats a quick hit of humidifier with ourPsshhit spray . Two, three presses and that's it. You can also use it as a " styling " product, to refresh your look."

-But why do you keep giving me all these details when I don't have anything to write down?

"Don't panic, our founder, Meriem did a live on Instagram with 4 clients. 4 clients, each with a different hair type to share their experiences and especially the application of the product"

-Instagram, always Instagram...

"I know mom, but I'll send you the link to your phone. That way you just have to click."

-Thank you darling. I'll be able to share all this with my friends."

"If you have to remember three major pieces of information: the product is for each type of hair ; it is good for the hair and the benefits are multiple; it can or cannot lather depending on its use. Besides, it sometimes requires several uses to find the right dosage. You can look at the reviews on the product sheet on the site, some already give tips for application."

-I'll go for a walk. So, let’s try this “leave it in” thing?

FYI, the leave-in did not foam on my mother during its first use. The leave-in foamed during its second use, a little too much product. It even amused him.

And you, which team will you be in?
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