5 good hair gestures before and after the beach

5 bons gestes cheveux avant et après la plage

hair before and after the beach

Ah summer! Even though this week the weather was rather gray, it is time to take advantage of the good weather to get some fresh air and recharge your batteries before the start of the school year. If you're going to the beach, our article of the day is for you! The sea, the beach towel, the paperback book or celebrity magazine ready to's good to be in summer. But before heading into the water to cool off, we have listed 5 simple steps to take care of your hair before and after the beach.

Before letting you discover our selection, a quick reminder of the why of this article. During sea swimming, salt water can be aggressive to the hair. The scalp is therefore more sensitive, the hair brittle, dry, rough. Instead of rushing to remedy the problem, let's start with the right actions.

1 - Leave with the products adapted to your needs

This may seem futile but we might as well tackle the problem from its beginning. Before you even leave, you need to equip yourself with the care that will meet your needs. Take your summer essentials with you. Whether it's a nourishing, hydrating, strengthening treatment, an accessory like a brush or a satin scrunchie, don't forget to make your checklist before slipping onto your favorite beach.

If you don't have what you need yet, look no further. We have what you need from hair sets and routines!

2. Use a detangling spray

Before heading to the beach, spritz your hair with a detangling spray to prepare it for knots and tangles caused by wind and seawater. This will make it easier to detangle after swimming and reduce the risk of breakage when bathing. combing.

3. Apply protection

And yes, like your skin, your hair also needs to be protected from the sun's rays. Apply protection to the entire length of your hair, repeating the step several times a day for greater effectiveness. Like sunscreen.

4. Brush your hair

Here you are out of the water. Your bottle of clear water that you cleverly put in your bag will come in handy. Rinse your hair and brush it to get rid of stuck sand and other residue you may find. Often present after a swim, don't let them gain ground and separate yourself from them as soon as possible.

5. Moisturize hair

Once home, it’s time for cocooning time. After your shampoo, apply a mask adapted to your hair type to deeply nourish it, hydrate it and make it softer. The mask is the essential treatment to take care of your hair this summer . Our mask, true 3-1, is the key to pampering yourself.

So here you are, ready to enjoy the warm sand for the month of August which is just around the corner. Thank you for reading this article ! If you want other hair tips, you can do so on our website, MAG section.
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