How to protect your hair from the heat in summer?

Comment protéger ses cheveux de la chaleur en été ?

If we like to bask in the sun, at the beach or by the pool in summer, our hair tends to desperately cry out for help. And for good reason: this season is conducive to a lot of considerable damage to our hair. The main culprits? The sun, the heat, the sea salt and the chlorine of the swimming pool, of course! Rest assured: it is entirely possible to protect your hair from the heat in summer, and to treat it if it has been damaged. Here are our little summer tips!

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The dangers of summer for our hair

In summer, your hair's designated enemies are the sun, heat, salt and chlorine. These elements attack the hair during the summer and dry it out. If our hair is weakened throughout the year, it is in summer that it loses the most elasticity and keratin.

The sun

Just like our skin, our hair is sensitive to the effects of the sun... And these can be disastrous. Exposing our hair to the sun also means exposing our scalp to the sun. Dehydrated, it is sensitive to its rays, which dry out the epidermis and can even cause the appearance of dandruff. Hair becomes brittle, thinner, split ends and even ends up falling out more easily. However, the sun can have positive effects at low doses, because it activates blood circulation in the vessels that irrigate the scalp. This can help hair grow during the summer. You just need to carefully protect them from the sun in summer to limit its negative effects.

The heat

Heat is a great ally of hairdressers, but it is one of the hair's worst enemies. Hair styling devices are harmful to the hair fiber since they tend to denature hair molecules. In summer, the heat is not the same: it is not 180°C in the sun (and fortunately for us)! However, summer heat has effects on our hair: sweaty neck, frizz, lack of volume, dry ends, oily scalp... Problems tend to multiply when temperatures rise. And these are all hair inconveniences that we would like to see disappear radically, but above all permanently. You will have understood: it is therefore essential to protect your hair from the heat in summer.

Salt and chlorine

Sea water is undoubtedly the worst enemy of dry hair. It contains salt and iodine, and salt is known for its ability to retain water. In contact with our hair, sea water prevents its hydration, which is essential for its health. Salt does not allow the hair shaft to retain the water it needs. In addition, salt crystals have a corrosive effect, which lifts the hair scales and accentuates their dryness.

Repeated chlorine on hair can make it dry, dull and sometimes greenish if it is colored! Catastrophic, then. These effects are caused by chlorine, which reduces the natural oil responsible for protecting the hair. This again causes a major lack of hydration. Loss of protective oil damages hair, making it dry and brittle, especially if not taken care of. Dandruff may even appear. In short, nothing good!

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Protect and care for your hair in summer

What are the right actions to adopt to protect your hair from heat, sun, chlorine and salt in summer? We tell you all of them (or almost)!

Apply sunscreen oil before sun exposure to protect your hair from heat

Just like our skin, our hair needs filtering protection to face the sun's rays. Before sun exposure, it is advisable to apply a specific protective oil which contains UV filters. This forms a barrier that protects the hair until it is wet or washed. It acts like sunscreen does with our skin. And when we see the damage that forgetting sunscreen can cause on the skin (the famous itchy crayfish red…), we quickly understand why sun protection is essential for the hair. You can also opt for a vegetable oil , less filtering but also effective, such as raspberry seed, jojoba or avocado oil.

And of course, to protect your hair from the sun... The essential headgear! Hat, headband, scarf: the choice is yours!

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Wet and rinse your hair with clean water

Taking the time to wet your hair with clean water gives it additional protection against sea water and chlorine. Our hair acts like sponges that absorb a small amount of material. Soaking them in clear water therefore limits the absorption of substances likely to damage them.

Along the same lines, rinsing your hair with clean water after swimming rids it of sand, salt and chlorine. If there is no shower available nearby, consider bringing an extra bottle of water! Another solution: adopt the airtight bathing cap. Much less glamorous, of course, but quite effective! Tying your hair can also help: long live braids, buns and ponytails... And what's more, no more hours of detangling in the shower.

Space out shampoos

In summer, we tend to use more shampoos and this is a hair trap that we must not fall into! You should rinse your hair well after getting out of the sea water or the swimming pool, but you should definitely not indulge in the game of 36 shampoos per day. Rinse thoroughly, but only shampoo when necessary, with a natural shampoo suited to the nature and condition of your hair. Shampoos (much) too regularly will not help your damaged hair, on the contrary. Try to keep the same cruising speed as the rest of the year, or even space them out (in the end, the holidays are the ideal time to let your hair breathe). Use cold water when rinsing your hair: this will close the scales and prevent too many split ends.

Protect your hair from the heat in summer: our DIYs protect hair heat summer madame la presidente

Prevention is the best way to protect your hair in summer. We are therefore going to dedicate a few simple recipes to this mission of the utmost importance. Another point: what should I do if I failed to protect my hair in summer? Excellent question! Heading into vacation, we sometimes forget to protect our hair from heat, sun, salt and chlorine in summer and, sometimes, all the advice cited above fails to prevent 100% of the damage. In this case, you can apply natural products and recipes to treat them.

A mask with olive oil and honey to protect your hair from the heat in summer

Mix three spoons of olive oil with three spoons of honey (preferably organic ingredients) and apply this mixture starting ten centimeters from the roots, and up to the ends. Leave for an hour and a half under a warm, damp towel, then wash your hair. This simple mask is terribly effective in restoring strength and shine to your hair in summer. Likewise, it purifies irritated and dry scalp due to summer aggressions.

Repair ends with coconut oil

Skin, hair... Coconut oil is our best ally in summer (and the rest of the year too)... And it smells so good! It also repairs devitalized and dry hair in a single application. Its virtues (soothing, nourishing, anti-dandruff) will even make them shine: what more could we ask for? Choose an organic oil obtained by first cold pressing, 100% pure and unrefined. So give your hair a bath in coconut oil . Put on a t-shirt that no longer fears anything and slather it on your head: roots, lengths, ends, we spare no one. After a night, rinse and wash your hair.

Anti-UV hair spray to protect your hair from the sun and heat in summer

An ultra-simple recipe to help out, to mix in a spray: 70% mineral water and 30% sesame oil.

A 50 ml spray recipe suitable for fine hair:

  • 5 ml of karanja oil: for its protective properties against the sun;

  • 35 ml of rose hydrosol: ideal for fine hair, to adapt to the nature of your hair;

  • 5 ml of castor oil: which promotes growth and cares for hair;

  • 3 drops of vitamin E;

  • 5 drops of Cosgard;

  • 30 drops of cosmetic fragrance (optional).

This spray will provide optimal protection for your hair against the sun, and will promote its repair after damage. The spray does not need rinsing: so simply apply it to your hair before each exposure.

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Madam President to the rescue of your hair in summer

You will have understood: salt, sun, chlorine and heat can have serious consequences on the health of your hair. For prevention or care, Madam President protects and cares for your hair against the ravages of summer. Here are some products that should change your summer and your hair will say “thank you!” ". Well... In their own way, of course!

  • Resolution N° 1 offers a formula rich in 18 nutrients. This product limits hair loss, stimulates hair growth, and provides vitality and essential nutrients for in-depth care: ideal for hair tired by summer.

  • Our Resolution No. 2 detox tea is ideal against dandruff, particularly caused by excess sun or chlorine on the hair. It purifies and cleanses the scalp and also helps to strengthen the hair bulb, thus limiting hair loss. All in a delicious blend of teas and plants from organic farming, which can be drunk hot... Or iced!

  • For gourmets, men, children and pregnant and breastfeeding women, we also have all the gummies you need with Hair Boost , Monsieur , Petit Président and Mama . They enhance hair, stimulate its growth in summer and reduce hair loss, for a well-deserved little boost!

And you, what are your summer tips? ?

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