Cleanse and strengthen hair with detox tea

Assainir et renforcer les cheveux avec le thé detox
Detox tea ritual

Have you dreamed of a tea that can do as much good for your hair as it does for your body?

Madam President did it!

Resolution N°2 is a detox tea which is taken as a 28-day treatment, with one cup in the morning and one cup in the evening.

Packed with organic plants with recognized virtues for hair, it will gently bring well-being…

And yes, our manes also need softness?

In summary, you will find:

Green tea and goji berries reduce hair loss and stimulate regrowth. Green tea also helps regulate PH levels.

Peppermint promotes blood circulation in the scalp.

Ginger stimulates growth and soothes tired hair.

Turmeric and rose petals soothe irritation and cleanse the scalp.

Elderflowers are used for their softening and moisturizing properties.

But, you are starting to know us, we like to add our " special touch " to what we offer you, because we know that like us, you like novelty, nature, your hair, saving time and 100-in-1 products?

Resolution is a detox tea, but not only that!

Here are some recipes that you can make with our tea to spruce up your hair in just a few weeks!

detox tea

1/ Oily macerate

An oily macerate is very simple to make and is ideal for sprucing up your oil bath.

During maceration, the oil will absorb all the virtues of the plants and thus allow your hair to benefit from all the benefits.

  • Take a container and fill it with our Resolution N°2 tea, without packing it down.

  • Then pour in the oil of your choice, until the plants are covered (we will avoid castor oil, which goes rancid quickly).

To prevent the oil from going rancid too quickly, you can add a few drops of vitamin E to the preparation.

Leave to sit for 30 days, shaking the bottle from time to time.

Store in a cool place away from light!

Are you looking for super oil baths ?

2 / Rinse water

Ideal for allowing your scalp to benefit from the benefits of Resolution N°2 detox tea, we suggest you make rinsing water to apply after rinsing your shampoo.

  • Infuse 10 g of tea in 1 liter of water for 10 minutes.

  • Let it cool

  • Apply it after shampooing, 2 to 3 times a week.

This will bring shine and strength to your hair.

You can also add hibiscus flower or apple cider vinegar to accentuate the shine.

We still have plenty of recipes to share with you, we'll talk to you as we go along?

And remember, for optimal action of Resolution No. 2, it is essential to have a healthy lifestyle and to be happy!
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