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4 French brands that we love

4 marques françaises qu'on adore

4 French brands that we love

Because we have everything we need in France and these brands are full of creativity to offer quality products, here is our small selection of 4 French brands that we love and for which you too will fall for!

So who are we talking about? A natural & vegan mascara, a honey-based face cream for sensitive skin, washed linen sheets and the best organic detox infusion... Here are our 4 French brands that we love.

All Tigers

What is ALL TIGERS? This is makeup 3.0 which combines vegan formulas with products with intense, long-lasting colors. It is also 98% natural and 100% vegan ingredients . And of course, we have our little favorite!

The volume mascara with its XXL brush which contains castor oil, perfect for taking care of eyelashes. Instantly denser lashes and perfect hold which make this mascara the best volume mascara . A real essential to have in your makeup bag at all times.

And the icing on the cake, the volume mascara is organic . Just that !

natural volume effect mascara ALL TIGERS 1


Located in the heart of the French Alps , Exertier is a French skincare brand composed of clean and committed formulas designed in the mountains and brought to us.

The team's favorite is the moisturizing honey face cream for sensitive skin . It lightly brings radiance to the skin thanks to its formula rich in French Alps honey and pro-collagen . The best moisturizing cream that respects the skin and its sensitivity.

Exertier 3 Clean Honey Light Cream

Plant Chic

Spotted! We present to you a new favorite brand, which we would happily swap with our Resolution No. 2 when it is hiding in our apartment!

Chic des Plantes is 100% organic infusions and broths, made in France from the finest plants, spices, flowers, fruits and vegetables, for a "never drunk" result in your cup. So here, we are fans of the play on words but also of the taste!

Difficult to make a choice from their selection BUT if we had to choose just one, we opt for Belle Plante : a boost for a light and relaxed silhouette, the Belle Plante organic detox infusion unfolds its notes of rose and die for! Detox drink and slimming ally: winning combo!

organic detox infusion with rose Belle Plante Chic des Plantes


Ah the Vosges...we would love to spend a long weekend there.

Today, we invite you to bring the Vosges to you and snuggle up there for sweet nights.

Say hello to Greige who designs linen sheets , certified Masters of Linen , made in France (in the Vosges) from 100% French fibers .

A linen woven from long fibers, of superior quality for a guaranteed cocooning moment.

The result is lightness and flexibility that last over time, without linting or pilling when washed.

The night belongs to you...

GREIGE washed linen sheets

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